Dan + Shay LIVE @ Joe’s Bar

During my stay in Chicago, I managed to leave the Warped Tour grounds and make it in time to see Dan + Shay again thanks to the wonderful folks at Warner Nashville. They always treat me so kindly! I’ve seen Dan + Shay a couple times while I was covering ACM Festival/ CMA Festival for a site I’ve been working with. They are always a privilege to see.

I think the reason why I enjoy them so much, is the fact at how versatile they are. They’re country, but they can also jump on the pop or 80’s rock train. I’m an 80’s music lover at heart, so I got to hear Guns ‘N’ Roses’ + Def Leppard, I was more than thrilled. Two of my all time favorite bands. I was also swooning during the ‘Just The Way You Are’ cover. Holy heart eyes emoji.

Being a new band on the music scence can be hard, esp when you’re signed to a major record label. Warner always tends to keep their artist busy, but these guys seem to handle it well. The show started at 12 am and ended around 2 am. The duo had been up since 8 am performing all over Chicago. We got the same exact energy level, if not more, during the show. The signs of a true talent.

I think my favorite part of the night was hearing ‘Stop Drop and Roll’, ‘First Time Feeling’ or ‘Show You Off’. Two songs that have completly unexplainably medlodies and rifts. You want to grab the love of your life, and just run through a field of daisy’s in an old chevy truck. It makes you feel like you’re falling in love all over again. I mean, I also enjoy ’19 You + Me’… mostly because i can swing my blonde hair back and fourth. An anthem to all the legally blondes out there. Also, always lovely to see the journey of former A Rocket To The Moons members, Justin and Andrew doing their thang.

I’m excited to cover a few more of their shows in October in Vegas. They always add another level of excellence every time I see them.

Have You Seen Dan + Shay Live?