Listen To Bearstronaut’s Synthical Remix of St. Lucia’s “The Way You Remember Me”

synthical – a blissful mixture of synth and tropical elements blended together to give you good feels.

No, “synthical” is not a word. But I just made it up. So there.

If there’s one thing I’m sure you all know about me its that I love my synth. There really is no better feeling than listening to a track full of heavenly synths caressing your ears – so once I heard that Boston synthpop band, Bearstronaut, remixed St. Lucia‘s “The Way You Remember Me,” I just HAD to share! This track is so good I’m crying. Perfect for your summer playlists! 😉

Check it out below:

The original version of “The Way You Remember Me” is available on St. Lucia’s debut album, When The Night, HERE!

Check out Bearstronaut’s music HERE!