5 Reasons To Love Lana Del Rey’s ‘Ultraviolence’

Lana Del Rey delivered her new studio album, Ultraviolence, this week to mixed reviews, which was pretty much expected. Say what you want about this Brooklyn baby, but you can’t deny she’s doing something different by bringing back that old timey feel of singers of the 50s and 60s all while adding her dark “gangsta Nancy Sinatra” aesthetic.

Rather than add to the long list of reviews of this album that have been piling up here on the web, here is a breakdown, if you will, of five reasons why you should put your biases aside and check out this album:

1. Let’s just get right into it: album of the year, without a doubt. You’ll definitely be seeing this one on all of those end of year album lists of 2014. Not because of it’s novelty but because it’s THAT good.

2. It’s a major progressive leap from her previous material. Born To Die and Paradise were more hip-hop driven whereas Ultraviolence delivers Del Rey’s true potential that I knew was in her all along. Glorious guitars meet drums meet soul. Ultraviolence embodies the artist that is Lana Del Rey.

3. It’s ultra edgy. After 2012’s Born To Die, we weren’t sure if she would ever release any more new material, after stating she had already said everything she needed to say. I’ll admit, kind of presumptuous for a new artist with a hit debut. Luckily for us, here we are two years later with a brand new album, ripe with passion, grit, pain, death and of course, love – which brings me to my next point…

4. The lyrical content on this album is impeccable. Previous backlash from the media not only pushed Del Rey to make her best body of work to date, but it also forced her to dig deeper, sharing stories most people would be afraid to admit.

5. The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach deserves a little credit. As the head honcho producer of Ultraviolence, Auerbach really brought out Lana’s true talent and artistry while adding his own stellar classic rock-tinged flair to each track, creating a whole new chapter for Miss Del Rey as she navigates her way through the fog of the music industry.

* Key tracks: “West Coast,” “Cruel World,” “Ultraviolence,” “Shades of Cool.”

Are you softly swaying back and forth yet? I thought so. 😉

Ultraviolence is available now HERE.

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