Growing Up Is For Cowards – Getting Older Redefined

I find myself thinking about getting older and how there is so much anxiety and pressure around it in our culture instead of embracing the fact that we’re getting wiser and (if done right) more awesome. I notice my awareness grow and I love the journey that I’ve had so far…looking back even just five years I can see how many steps I’ve taken as a human being…so I am stoked to imagine myself 10 to 20 years from now and excited for all the Buddhaness I will have gathered by then.

I have come across a few women who in their 50’s, have beautiful, long hair. They always say:”I’m so old, I need to cut my hair off”. What a terrible society and self imposed fear. Like after you “grow up” you are supposed to get all lame in your grey office clothes and remove color from the walls of your room. No one is drawing smiley faces on your plate with ketchup anymore. Well…why the fuck not? Right? Whoever came up with “growing up” needs to vacate the earth.

I wanna applaud the people who dare to be themselves and the amazing ladies in this gallery are the best example of owning your existence. One doesn’t have to just roll over once the wrinkles show, that’s when I think one should really start living it up…the lessons are learned, the cities have been built, so one can finally go super cray!

I swear I’m gonna seriously rock being an old person one day <3



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