WIN A Pair Of Nash Overstreet’s NSHTY Sneakers + A Pair Of Your Own!

This past summer, we went on tour with Justin Bieber; playing all over the US.When we got the call that confirmed us as the support act, I felt like for a tour that large… I needed a custom wardrobe situation. SO, I hit up Heyday Footwear, and we sat down to come up with an idea for what would become the Heyday NSHTY.

I chose my favorite colors, purple and seafoam green(AND chrome of course), and the model of shoe that fit my style best.They came in just in time for the tour, and I wore them every night we performed. In honor of our “Recklessly” video reaching over 100k, I wanted to give back to you all!

What You Win:

So many of you all have seen them, bought them, or asked about them, so I thought it’d be a cool holiday gift to give away a pair of mine AND a pair in YOUR size!

How To Enter:

Keep the tweets coming from now until Friday December 13th!

Why do YOU want to WIN?!