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CRAZY days. From The Jersey Shore to Greenville SC.

it’s safe to say, we had a pretty had a pretty crazy day yesterday. I hopped on a red eye flight from LA to Atlanta Wednesday night… Joined up with the rest of the band and crew at the ATL airport, flew to Newark, drove to the Jersey Shore, checked into the hotel, did a… More »

‘Merry Christmas To Me’ Mixtape: Feat. Nylo, Nash Overstreet + More!

About a month or two ago, I got the idea to get together with a few of my friends, and put out a mixtape of some of my favorite…

WIN A Pair Of Nash Overstreet’s NSHTY Sneakers + A Pair Of Your Own!

This past summer, we went on tour with Justin Bieber; playing all over the US.When…

Tattoo Update

While I was home for Thanksgiving, I figured my best use of time would be getting a tattoo from my artist in Nashville, Tim Bobeck(bobeck_art on instagram). I filled in the clouds I already had, added a lil “whisp”, and then had him do a quote that I’ve wanted for a couple years now. “POP… More »

Brandi Cyrus Talks With Jesse McCartney About His New Album & Justin Timberlake!


Giveaway: Want To Win Some Rad Gear From Young & Reckless?

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So, we recently released a live video of our song “Recklessly” online.

Giveaway: Want To Win Some Rad Gear From Young & Reckless?

So, we recently released a live video of our song “Recklessly” online.

What’s Your Favorite New Album/EP? I Wanna Know!

I wanna hear your thoughts! Which out of KATY PERRY, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, FIFTH HARMONY, & TORI KELLY is your favorite!?

Hangin With Jesse McCartney. Caption This Photo!

Submit your best caption and I’ll pick my favorite… Then I’ll repost using your caption on Instagram and Twitter.(@nashoverstreet) and I’ll even make sure you get the credit, so include your username.

Last Day In NYC: Shopping Spree

 So I’m up here in NYC workin workin workin… and figured today was a good day (the last day before I head back to LA) to get out of bed early and…

UPDATE: Writing & Recording New Music In NYC

It’s 10:35am in New York City. Right now I couldn’t be happier about my decision to lay in my hotel room and do absolutely nothing (besides watch Breaking Bad). We’ve been writing as much as…

Welcome Nash Overstreet To The Buzznet Family

What’s up BUZZNET! I’m excited to finally be part of this community, and share my life with whoever may be interested…. or extremely bored.

I grew up in Nashville…

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