Question Of The Day: Which Hot Drink Is Your Favorite?

As I lay here in bed with my windows open, a cool autumnal air is wafting into my old man apartment. It’s nice just laying here for a moment. I really do wish I had some hot chocolate though. It would make this moment perfect.

Alas, I haven’t the ingredients to make such a concoction. Methinks to the grocery store I shall go to make my heart’s desire a reality.

Fear not, for here in Los Angeles the high of the day is going to be 80 some odd degrees (27 C). The mornings here are getting cool, as are the nights. It’s just the days are still not cooperating.

So anymews, let’s chat! Let’s talk about curling up in bed, under your comforter, as you watch a bunch of shows about parasites. Okay maybe that’s just me, but you get the idea. When it’s nice and cool out, which drink do you prefer to warm you up? Let me know in the comments!

Which hot drink is your favorite?