Welcome Into My Little World

So, after such a long time I upload again a video of my bedroom.

I promised to record a video of my room a lot of time ago and finally here it is!This is my little world where I have everything I need, all the things I’m closed to, anything.Mainly it’s covered of Tokio Hotel’s posters but you can see also Britney Spears, Within Temptation, Rammstein, Nightwish, David Bowie and a lot of other stuff…I really hope to don’t annoy you, it’s pretty long video but I couldn’t make it shorter so if you have a little bit of patience and 10 mins of your free time, I hope you enjoy this video 🙂

I chose three Tokio Hotel songs that I love and in some way can be linked with this video:

Reden: in this song is mentioned Zimmer 483 and since “Zimmer” in German means “room” I thought it was the right one.Wir Sterben Niemals Aus: this song means “We will never die” and definitely Tokio Hotel will always be part of me till I breathe.Heilig: means “sacred” and for me Tokio Hotel are sacred just like every single thing I have in my bedroom.

I forgot to open few closets because inside I have few Britney’s posters but I leave you two links below with all my Tokio Hotel and Britney Spears stuff so you can check all my merchandising I didn’t show you in the video: