Create Something

When you have a couple of days where you just don’t wanna get outta bed. Not really hungry, getting through a workout at gym is a task. Another sunny day feels monotonous. Call a few friends and don’t have much to say. Scrape through a few projects that are in the works. Even decide to knock a bunch of tasks off the To-Do list to catch your breath. Move the office to a coffee shop to surround yourself with people, movement, ambient noise. Still just feel like laying in bed. Until I get in the room with a few people I barely know and begin to create something from scratch. From the second the ball begins to roll til well into the night when everyone’s brains are toast and bodies are begging for sleep. Suddenly I look up and the day has passed and a finished product is in front of me. Something that wouldn’t happen exactly how it did with any other three people, in any other room, at any other time. I suddenly realize that I’d rather have been nowhere else in the world than that little stuffy room with those people… And I am refreshed. It’s amazing with how comfortable our lives can be, I still feel like the world is slowly ending unless I am creating something that only I can create. No tv show, no video game, no store, no nothing contains the originality that just escaped me. Life is not the stuffy little room, but what happens inside it that makes you forget anything else exists.