10 Things Almost Famous Taught Me

Almost Famous can be describe as my “How To” deal with the music industry. I’ve probably watched that movie a thousand times and can quote every line in that film. Last October I spent sometime in San Diego and I stumbled on several of the locations where the movie was filmed, including the famous “Band Aids” scene. I felt right at home. I would say my life is a lot like Penny with a dash of William. I am trying to become a music journalist with hopes to work at Rolling Stone.. There are a lot of life lessons + career advice hidden in that movie.

10.) Don’t Make Friends With The Rockstars: The best advice anyone can ever give someone. So many people today are all about making friends with the musicians they work with. They want something from them and that can either be A.) them hoping they take them places. B.) Them wanting to just be scene with them (getting tweets from them, text messages etc) or C.) They want a relationship. In most cases it’s a use use situation.

9.) Be there for the music:

This is probably one of the most iconic scenes in the whole film. In todays world, so many “fans” have forgotten about the music. Instead, they are focusing on the people that make up the band. This is what Penny is talking about, groupies just want to be near someone famous. Sure groupies may be a little outdated (They’re still out there), but today people will do anything for a picture, autograph, etc. So let’s just be there for the music. Loving a silly piece of music till it hurts.

8.) Don’t make them look cool (Unless they really are).

The problem with todays music journalist is that they have made friends with the rockstars. Therefore they are not being truthful about the actual music. When was the last time you actually saw an article that just laid it all on the line? Not for a while right. In the words of Lester Bang “I know you think they’re your friends. If You want to be a true friend to them, be honest and unmerciful)

7.) He doesn’t love you.

You’ll spend your whole life asking this question. He won’t love, because he doesn’t know your worth. He couldn’t see that at the end of the day, you saw him for what he was. You didn’t see some rockstar, you saw a guy who was insecure of himself. You accepted him at his good and bad, but he sold you for a 50 bucks and a case of beer.

6.) Things We Never Said:

This will never happen, not anytime soon. The rockstars never come to you. Take the call, and instead leading him to you, lead him somewhere else.

5.) Never take it seriously:

Always have fun, enjoy the ride. The record store will always be your best friend.

4.) Appreciate the small things.

Dancing in a venue when everyone has gone home is one the most fulfilling things you’ll ever do in life.

3. Outsiders See You For You:

You will never truly see who you really are until somebody writes about it or tells you. In your head you think your one way, but to someone else you are actually another.

2.) You’re Uncool.

Everyone thnks they are actually cool in some shape or form. They hang around certain people and BAM they’re suddenly Golden Gods. Let’s just share uncool moments with people who actually accept you for what you are… UNCOOL.

1.) Be the Enemy.

To all you music journalist…….. BE THE ENEMY



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