ICYMI: Kanye West & Jimmy Kimmel Are In A Heated Twitter FEUD


Last night, September 26, Kanye West went off on yet another Twitter rampage, this time at Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel aired a spoof of a Kanye West interview that happened earlier this week on BBC. The segment on Jimmy Kimmel was an imitation of Kanye’s interview, reenacted by little kids. Kanye did not like this segment, not even a little bit.

Kanye took to his twitter saying:

You can see more of his madness here (MEMES included)

Jimmy fired back:

See all of Jimmy’s tweets here.

Kimmel also adressed the issue on his show last night

Kanye woke up this morning and went back at it

What do you think about this fued?

Are you LOLing or scared for Jimmy’s life?

OR are you team Kanye?