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Celebs Who Love Star Wars As Much As You Do

In 2017, loving Star Wars is the farthest thing from a nerd alert. In fact, this move franchise has avid fans all over the damn place. If you’re feeling a little bit of secret shame because of your R2D2 bed sheets, CP30 posters, and the fact that you’ve seen Rogue One half a dozen times,… More »

WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets Music Edition #3 Is LOL

Last night the music industry honored its most exceptional artists at the 58th Grammy awards. It was a star-studded night full of surprises, jaw dropping performances, and moments we won’t soon forget. After all the speeches, songs, and red carpet style, fans at home were able to get a serious laugh in over Jimmy Kimmel‘s… More »

Best Late Night TV Music Moments Of 2015

Late night TV has always been the place to settle in for the night with a good laugh. With a variety of shows to choose from, there’s never a dull moment – and with the hottest celebs and music stars stopping by, there’s never a shortage of viral moments. 2015 saw a ton of hilarious… More »

Miley Cyrus Goes Undercover And It. Is. Everything.

The MTV VMAs are this weekend, and to generate a little more buzz around her hosting duties…

Demi, Selena, Ke$ha, Katy And More Read Their Meanest Tweets

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Jimmy Kimmel‘s “Mean Tweets” bit is so funny and smart. Last night he did a musical addition. He had Demi Lovato, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, The Backstreet Boys, Pharrell, John…

ICYMI: Kanye West & Jimmy Kimmel Are In A Heated Twitter FEUD


Last night, September 26, Kanye West went off on yet another Twitter rampage, this time at Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel aired a spoof of a Kanye West interview that happened earlier this week on BBC…

Justin Timberlake Shuts Down Hollywood Blvd On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Two days ago, I got news that my room mate Faith had scored last minute tickets for us to see Justin Timberlake perform live on Hollywood Blvd for Jimmy Kimmel’s show. I haven’t seen…

Jimmy Kimmel Make Fashion Week Attendees Look Like Fools

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Jimmy Kimmel gave fashion devotees the Coachella treatment when he sent out his “Lie Witness News” team to New York Fashion Week. He quizzed them on their style…

Ryan Phillippe Is Another Year Older And I Still Love Him

Two words…Cruel Intentions. Two words: Ryan Phillippe. One Word: BABE! I have alwyas been such a big fan of his movie and his face.

Today is…

Paramore’s “Still Into You” Performance On Jimmy Kimmel Was Killer!

Once again, Paramore has proven they are one of the coolest live bands on the planet. Last night they performed “Still  Into You” on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Hayley looked extra rad…

Amanda Seyfried, Jude Law, Bradley Cooper & Bruno Mars Star In Movie Together?

I know what you’re thinking… that many superstars in one movie? No freakin’ way. Well, you’re half right. Amanda Seyfried, Jude Law, Bradley Cooper, Bruno Mars and a myriad…

Jamie Foxx Sings Tribute To Channing Tatum

Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum have officially hit ‘Bromance’ status. The two stars, who’ll share the big screen in the summer blockbuster White House Down, were in rare form when they stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live after the Oscars on Sunday. They cracked jokes, poked fun at each other and best of all Foxx and… More »

Runway vs. Red Carpet: Jennifer Lawrence In Pucci

Jennifer Lawrence has been making the rounds recently, promoting Silver Linings Playbook. She recently stopped by ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ and hit a fashion high note.

Intern Buzz: 10 Bands You Need To Know

Hello fellow music addicts! I’m on a constant mission to share music with anyone who is willing to listen. Being Buzznet‘s music intern gives me hope that my taste in music is trustworthy! So with that said, here are some bands I think everyone should have on their radar. I always have my ears open… More »

The Britney Sneer Of The Night

Jimmy Kimmel introduced a new segment on his show this week called The Britney Sneer of the Night. They show the clip of one contestant performing an awful rendition of Circus, and Brit giving him the what the HAIL look. She truly had no words and those facial expressions are priceless. Check it out!

Why Is Robert Pattinson Living In A Trash Can? (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that Robert Pattinson is having residency issues: after his very-public breakup with girlfriend Kristen Stewart after learning she cheated on him, the 26-year-old <a…

Ashlee Holmes Attends Jimmy Kimmel Live!

This past week I was back in LA for the MTV Movie Awards. I was home for about a week. I stayed with my boyfriend, Sean. My last night in town Sean and I decided to go to Jimmy Kimmel Live! It was A LOT of fun. Jimmy had Andy Samberg as his guest –Who… More »

Britney’s Big Fat Bass Performance on Jimmy Kimmel

Britney’s pre-recorded Big Fat Bass performance aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight. Check it out!

Britney Spears Made a ‘Jackass’ On Jimmy Kimmel Last Night

Making the talk show rounds to promote her highly anticipated seventh studio album Femme Fatale, Britney Spears stopped by for a performance, a chat and a…


Check out Jimmy Kimmel talking about Britney on his the Jimmy Kimmel Live show Wednesday night. He jokes about Hold It Against Me, and cracks a few jokes in between. Heh. Check it out:

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