My Favorite Non-Toxic Beauty Products & Why You Should Care: Part 1

I talk a lot about how important it is to be aware of what you are putting in your body, but it is equally as important to be aware of the chemicals you are putting on your body too. Even just what you are spraying around you gets absorbed through your nose and into your lungs.

Our skin is a lot like a sponge, filled with pores that cover our entire body that have the ability to soak up anything and everything we expose it to. That’s why it is vital that you are not only careful with what you eat, but also with what skin products you use (lotions, perfumes, body washes, face washes, makeup, sunscreen, etc!) because these get absorbed into the body and can cause serious side effects over time.

You may think “well I only use a small amount of lotion every day so it won’t make much of a difference” but lets put that into perspective. You use it every day. Lets say you go through a bottle a month. That equals up to 12 bottles of chemically laden lotion that is building up toxins in your body every year. And that’s just your lotion! We haven’t even added in the perfume, body wash, deodorant, sunscreen, makeup, cleaning products, etc that you also use every single day. What may seem like a small amount can add up very quickly over time with daily use.

Why should we be so concerned with all these toxins? More and more studies are coming out every day directly linking our overexposure to chemicals and toxins to cancer and other diseases. (here is a great article on NY Times about it) And it makes sense when you think about it. We are flooding our bodies with toxic chemicals that have warning labels all over them saying to contact poison control if swallowed, however we are absorbing them into our skin on a daily basis.

EWG has a great database on their site where you can type in your current beauty products and they tell you how safe or harmful they are. //

I created this gallery to show you my current favorite beauty products that I use! In Part 2 of this gallery I will show you my favorite non-toxic makeup!

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