Tokio Hotel Celebrate 6th Anniversary Of ‘Ready, Set, Go!’

It’s not a new time flies really quickly. You can notice it just when you look back at the past thinking of what you did.

Well, today it’s the 6th anniversary of one of th biggest Tokio Hotel’s smash hits:


Personally, I always thought the music video, directed by Christopher Haering and Daniel Warwick, was inspired by “Metropolis” movie by Fritz Lang and I simply love it.

The song is the English translation of “Uebers Ende Der Welt” (literally “Beyond The End Of The World”) and it’s a hymn to the life and to never losing the time because the world is falling into pieces and we have to run and try to save us.

I really love this song because it’s catchy and it always charges me up.

For celebrating this 6th anniversary I thought to share with you few of my favorite performances of the song around the world.

Enjoy 😉

Live in Athens – 2009

Live in Madrid – 2007

Live in Hollywood – 2008

Live in Chile – 2010

Which is your favorite Ready, Set, Go performance?

Do you like this song or do you prefer the German version?