ready set go

Tokio Hotel Celebrate 6th Anniversary Of ‘Ready, Set, Go!’

It’s not a new time flies really quickly. You can notice it just when you look back at the past thinking of what you did.

Well, today it’s…

Thanks So Much For All The Emotions – Tokio Hotel 6th Anniversary Video


Today it’s such a special day for me.

5 Years Of Tokio Hotel ‘Ready Set Go!’ Single

Exactly five years ago, on August 24, 2008 Tokio Hotel released their second single from “Scream” album, “Ready Set Go!” English version of “Ubers Ende Der…

The musical walk of Tokio Hotel (PART 10)

SCREAM – New language, same emotions!

This album was released on June 1st  2007 in Italy, anticipated from the smash hit “Monsoon”. This album is a…

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