So Nice She Wore It Twice: 25 Items That Rule Miley Cyrus’ Closet

A great indication of whether or not someone has innate fashion sense is how they style themselves on a regular basis. Yes, anyone can look great when a stylist dresses them up for events. And some people know how to put a cute outfit together from a well-curated wardrobe. However, it’s always fun to a see a celebrity who really loves fashion, and plays with it in his or her daily life.

Miley Cyrus is an amazing example of this. From photoshoots, to red carpets, to running errands, Miley does not discriminate about how she displays her sense of style. She’ll rock a pair of heels to the grocery store, and then pair them with designer pieces for a television appearance.

When someone has a passion for style, it shows in how they present themselves. Miley works with stylist, Simone Harouche, but for her, it seems to be more of a collaboration. Stylists and designers act as Miley’s mentors in fashion, but she takes it a step further. While Miley is a fan of high-end fashion houses, she veers away from wearing one designer head-to-toe. Instead, she shops her own closet to put together looks that contain pieces from the most famous names in fashion, but that are entirely unique.

Here are 25 of Miley’s favorite pieces that she has rocked on more than one occasion. Some pieces, like her platform sneakers, and her Yves St. Laurent heels, are practically staples in her wardrobe. And we already know she’s got her bodychain underneath every single outfit!

Are you a fan of Miley’s wear-and-repeat style?