Riding the Equestrian Fashion Wave

I took my first horseback riding lesson on my 7th birthday and ever since then, breeches and tall boots have held a special place in my heart. I lived in them and loved when I went into restaurants after horse shows or riding lessons and people knew I was an equestrian. When I was in my riding gear, I felt confident and strong. What more could you want from pants and shoes?! So, when equestrian inspired fashion became popular, I jumped on that train faster thank you can say WWOOOOAH NELLY. (So lame, I know….. Moving on!)

Growing up, when I wanted to buy new pairs of breeches and tall boots to practice in, I didn’t want to spend a ton of money to get brand new top of the line stuff, because I didn’t want to get it dirty, like my show stuff. SO! I grabbed pairs from the sale or consignment racks at saddleries/tack shops. (Those are places where you can find horse stuff!) I recently found a pair of breeches I got from a consignment rack a while back that still had a tag on them. They were $15!! Ridiculously cheap. The new riding apparel and boots cost much more than the pieces meant for fashion only, but the consignment stuff is usually good quality and at a better price. Plus, breeches are so warm. Great for fall and winter! If you live in an area where you can find a saddlery, check out their sale and consignment section. For those of you who live in Maryland, Maryland Saddlery on Falls in Butler has great consignment options.

Here are some of my favorite equestrian inspired outfits! What is your favorite?

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