Does The Divergent Teaser Trailer Make Any Sense If You Haven’t Read The Book?

As an avid fan of all the latest and greatest and mediocre in Young Adult dramas, I read Divergent and Insurgent earlier this year. While the story is a bit silly, sometimes confusing, and very much the tale of Harry Potter and the sorting hat with new dressings, I was hooked and read through it super fast. I fell in love with the hunky male protagonist, Four. He just sounded like a babe and he totally isn’t into superficial beauty, ya know?

Anyways, I have been following the casting and filming of Divergent closely. I think Shailene Woodley is going to be great even though she’s kind of way too gorg to play Tris Prior who is often described as plain with a pointy nose in the book series.

I was so looking forward to seeing Theo James & Shailene in the very first trailer that debuted during The VMAs. (How handsome are they on the carpet, btw?)

As someone that read the book, I can say they did a pretty good job of showing little snips of all your favorite scenes. But the big question is… if you know nothing about Divergent and have not read the books did it make even a shred of sense? Did it properly describe the factions or what on earth was going on? Do you get what this movie is about and why you should want to see it? Tell me tell me in the comments below!

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