Back To School: “Glory & Victory” Lyrics( Preview)

Music, poetry or lyrics are good escape from school problems or hard days. And I know what how some moments can hurt us. During my worse time I began to write new lyrics. This is a little preview. “Glory & Victory” is about life, emotions, problems, school, about everything.. I hope that you will enjoy this preview 🙂

Glory & Victory

No one knows us but everyone is around us Oh, no one cares about us but who can care about us Every single day we breathing, we living in anonymous world We don’t know names and faces, we don’t know where we are

Can you believe what the time brought to us? Everything is lost. Turn off the TV, ask your grandma about true life Wake up!!! Don’t wait for the glory and victory To realize your dreams you must fight

Don’t you stop believe in yourself, everything is possible Just do one a little step and feel this power I’ll there with you always when you will need me Are you ready? Say it loud!