Demi Lovato Makes Me Want To Be Her BFF With Makeup Free, Sleepy Selfie

Throw Demi Lovato in there with Jennifer Lawrence and Mila Kunis as “girls I want to be me besties with,” after she posted this adorable selfie online. The singer, 20, posted the picture after the Teen Choice Awards and looks a little worse for the wear. Apparently, she didn’t get much sleep after the award show!

First of all, Demi looks amazing! She resembles every 20 year old I’ve ever known after a sleepless night, or during exam week. It’s adorable that she didn’t even use the (semi obnoxious, humble brag) hashtag #nomakeup. So confident! She’s keeping it real with her baggy shirt, bare face and glasses, but still looks naturally gorgeous! Plus, even sleep deprivation can’t strip Demi of her fab manicure.

This isn’t the first time she’s gone au naturale before! She’s posted makeup-free pics online, and went for a fresh faced look in Cosmo on Campus where she let her freckles shine through!

Even though Demi looks gorgeous all the time, and she can wear the hell out of some bronzer and heavy eye liner, it’s great to see that she’s a regular 20-year-old gal underneath!

What do you think of Demi’s selfie?

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