Aly & Aj Are Back And Premiered Their New Video!

Remember these girls? Aly & AJ? Well they’re back with a new name, a new look, and a new sound! I’ve always been a fan of these girls. They’re really talented songwriters and musicians and i’ve really liked everything they’ve done, even back in their Disney days.

Check out this brand new video they released under their new project called 78Violet. The sound is very Eisley esque (remember that band?) only not quite as dark. As far as visually, this video is lighter and more feminine than anything Eisley ever did, but it’s shot beautifully and the girls look amazing! Hair and makeup are perfection, and the wardrobe is swoon worthy (i caught a lot of FREE PEOPLE in there!) Jacqueline Rezak used pieces from her Rad + Refined collection as well as unique vintage finds. I think this is a great look and sound for them.

Hair: Amy Strozzi

Make Up: Anna Rose Kern

Stylist: Jacqueline Rezak

Director + Cinematographer: Stephen Pierce Ring

My consensus on this song: I dig it!