Brandi Cyrus’ StyleNative Fashion Week In Review

This week REALLY felt like Summer is here to STAY! Sometimes it gets harder and harder to look cute when it’s hot out and all you do is sweat, but check out these three cute looks from my WEEK IN REVIEW on StyleNative! Don’t know what StyleNative is? It’s my NEW FASHION BLOG I launched… More »

Brandi Cyrus Shares Her Story In NAKED MAGAZINE

I’m so excited to share this feature in NAKED MAGAZINE with you guys! I got to sit down and really share my story, and because of that I feel like this article really reflects who I am and what is important to me. I talk a little about my band Frank and Derol, my new… More »

Creem Magazine Feature

I had the absolute PLEASURE of working with an amazing photographer named Ross Laurence. What started as a test shoot ended up getting picked up by Creem Magazine for a feature! I’m so so happy with the way these photos turned out and i’m honored for Creem to have them on their site. Check out… More »

How To Style: Lululemon

So I had the pleasure of attending a Lululemon blogger’s brunch here in Nashville a few weeks ago, and I had no idea what to expect when I was first invited. We were asked to…

WIN: Two Amazing Prizes From Volcom’s Holiday 2013 Collection!

Volcom has released their new Holiday 2013 Collection and I fell in love. It’s now the time of year where we have to bundle up…

Keltie’s New York Adventure Photo Diary

New York City is my fav city in the world so it is always fun to go there for work, and extra special fun when I had my days jam-packed with the most amazing adventures. The week started out with an interview with Miley Cyrus (and I ran into fellow Buzzmaker Brandi) and ended with… More »

Fall In Love With Cam Gigandet

Some of you may remember him as bad boy ‘Volchuk’ on The OC, or maybe you recognize him as Bella’s nemises James in the first Twilight movie. Cam Gigandet tends to play the bad guy in his roles, but these photos of him with his adorable baby girl tell me he’s quite the good guy… More »

Miley/Mike/Juicy/Wiz ’23’ Song & Video Preview

YOU GUYS. I am so excited about this!!!!!!!!! I’ve had this song for awhile now and i’m so glad they are going to release it! While they were writing for her record,

Things To Entertain You This Summer

SUMMER IS HERE! For some of us that means more free time, and for others it doesn’t. But if you’re after something to keep you from being bored during these Summer months, this is my chance to help keep you entertained! I’ll be adding to this gallery all summer. A lot of these activities are… More »

Brandi Cyrus X Jacqueline Rezak Clothing Line Collab!!

You guys I am SO SO excited to announce to all of you FIRST before anyone else that I am doing a clothing collaboration with my good friend Jacqueline Rezak and her fabulous…

Aly & Aj Are Back And Premiered Their New Video!

Remember these girls? Aly & AJ? Well they’re back with a new name, a new look, and a new sound! I’ve always been a fan of these girls. They’re really talented songwriters and musicians and…

Frank + Derol Is This Month’s Ultimate Music Crush!

Hey guys! I asked you – who’s your Ultimate Music Crush?



BUZZNET Exclusive: Last Questions With Frank + Derol

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The ladies…

BUZZNET Exclusive: ‘Who In The Band’ With Frank + Derol Part 2

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The ladies…

Tunes-day Tuesday: Emerging Band COIN

Happy Tuesday Tunes-day!

As i’m sure you are catching on to, I LOVE getting to share local Nashville music with you guys!! There is…

BUZZNET Exclusive: ‘Who In The Band’ With Frank + Derol Part 1

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The ladies of Frank + Derol stopped by our studio for a fun round of ‘Who In The Band.’ I had a great time getting to…

Youtube Evolution Of: Miley Cyrus

Ok Buzzers, 

It is FRIDAYYYYYYYY, OHHWEE, love this day. I not only got to go to Warped Tour yesterday and have a blasty blast but it is THE WEEKEND and the first day of SUMMER!…

Amoeba Adventure Feat. Frank And Derol!

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Codi and I had SO MUCH FUN going through Amoeba and finding favorite records!!! After all of this time, it’s crazy to me that…

Miley Premiers Music Video For ‘We Can’t Stop’

Miley is premiering her music video for WE CAN’T STOP today exclusively on Vevo!!

Tunes-day Tuesday Playlist!

Well this was supposed to be MUSIC MONDAY post…. but I’m a little late, 

so I’ve turned it into Tunes-day Tuesday

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