Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield’s Dog Is Perfect

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are so adorable it’s practically infuriating. It brings on all sorts of feelings from “They are the most amazing couple ever” to “I’m obsessed with their style” to “ahhh ughhh grrr why are they so perfect.” To confirm our inner dialogue, let’s discuss their absurdly adorable rescue golden retreiver named Ren. Um hellooo Ren! Are you the world’s most perfect pup or what? I just met you and I love you. Here you are walking separately with your equally amazing human companions.

That face. That glorious golden fur! You so fly!

Did you go to doggy modeling school? You are seriously pulling off that sweet vest.

And look how obedient you are! Sitting so patiently as you wait to cross the street.

Ren we think you should star in the remake of the Air Bud franchise ASAP. That is all.

What’s your dream dog?