Confession: Even I Can Still Have A ‘Fan Girl’ Moment

I have loved reading all of the Best Days Ever at Warped Tour posts here on Buzznet. The best part is a lot of you had fun seeing bands you love, making new friends and meeting a few of your heroes at signings. Like I have said over and over, I haven’t grown out of that same feeling all of you get when you hear your favorite song live or get the opportunity to say “thank you” to an artist you admire. I wish I could tell you that now (11 years later) I have the whole “be cool” thing on lock, but I don’t. This past week, I got to meet a hero of mine for the first time at Ventura and felt compelled to share right alongside all of you. So here it goes.

Watching TEN on stage in Pomona.

On Sunday I awkwardly met Ace Enders of The Early November/ I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business. I say awkwardly because just like when I met Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday at Warped tour when I was 18, I didn’t say much. It’s difficulty to know what to say when you meet them in the context of, “I have been a fan of yours for years and you KNOW I am a fan because I am waiting in line to talk to you.” When I meet people for press I am wearing my, “I’m Sara the music editor of Buzznet hat” and that makes things easier. In those encounters I keep my cool because I have to; but when I’m waiting in line with other fans after a performance to say “hello,” that all goes out the window. I had watched TEN play each date of Warped I attended and sang along to “Baby Blue” as loud as I possibly could. So there was no hiding that this was going to be a “moment.”


So…. Brittany and I waited after Ace’s performance at the Acoustic Basement where he played “Ever So Sweet,”(insert Sara DYING.) We debated on what to say and I nominated Brit to be the brave one and do all the talking. The thing is (and I wasn’t surprised at all) Ace was incredibly sweet, as I stood there awkward and nervous. We even had that classic I-put-out-my-hand-for-a-shake-but-he-goes-for-a-high-five-moment. Yep, just like you guys.

…I hope I never lose that feeling.

Ace Enders: Ever So Sweet Warped Tour 2013

Video I took on my Instagram of “Ever So Sweet.” You have to hit play for that video to appear.

Oh and I didn’t ask for a photo, but I took many in my mind.

Anyway, the point is not matter how many years I see this tour I still get the same feeling I did as a kid. It truly is a special tour that encourages fan interaction with artist — and even the girl with the “coolest job” is a total dork sometimes when she meets her heroes. At the end of it all I am just like all of you and am happy we have a place like Buzznet to share our stories. I look forward to reading more of your tales from the field.

#musicrules, Sara <3

Who would you like to meet?

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