LIGHTS Dazzles at New York’s Irving Plaza



When you’re a music geek like me, experiencing live music isn’t just “seeing a show,” it’s more like a therapy session. As much as I try to…

Put Your Records On: Kye Kye’s ‘Fantasize’ is Everything I’ve Ever Dreamed…and Then Some


There are great albums, and then there are albums that you didn’t even know you were waiting for. The albums that leave you with your mouth…

Confession: Even I Can Still Have A ‘Fan Girl’ Moment

I have loved reading all of the Best Days Ever at Warped Tour posts here on Buzznet. The best part is a lot of you had fun…

Makin’ Memories: Fall Out Boy’s ‘Take This To Your Grave’

Today Fall Out Boys’ 2003 release Take This To Your Grave turns 10 years old! To…

Last Questions With Cody Simpson

BTK App – Video #104

Bill: We Had A Blast


You walk by a dark, downtown alley. A skeevy little man whistles your way. You lower your head and pretend to text, but he ushers you closer. Your eyes scan the sidewalk for possible escapes, but you find yourself led deeper into the shadows. And then you see it…..yes, an oasis in the abyss. What… More »

Agyness Deyn’s Newest Collaboration with Dr. Martens

One of my favorite British models, Agyness Deyn, recently collaborated with Dr. Martens for a SS 2013 collection – including clothing, shoes and accessories…

Power of Art: Utopia Tattoo for Shriners Kids

Tattoos can be such beautiful art that doubles as personal forms of self-expression like no other medium. I love unique tattoos and their infinite possibilities, although I can never make up my mind and personally stick to henna for now. Tatted or not, I hope you will make a trip to Utopia Tattoo soon –… More »

BUZZNET Exclusive: Pete Wentz Welcomes Fans At ‘Gray’ LA Book Signing

Fall Out Boy is back to take over 2013 with a new album and North American tour. This year also brings FOB fans Pete Wentz‘s book Gray, an autobiography outlining his personal life and launch of FOB into mainstream success. Gray has been on the minds of Fall Out Boy fans for years, and yesterday… More »

Enter For A Chance To Be Taylor Swift’s Personal Photographer!

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift has a giving heart and she especially loves to give back to her fans. That means YOU! Taylor has teamed up with Sony

Lola’s Personal & Photo Diary!

Well hello again, my foxy friends. I’m sick in bed, which means I finally have some time to write & post! I’ve been posting a fair amount of photos with little to no insight into what’s actually going on in my life on any given day, so I’m going to try to accompany my photo… More »

NEW PHOTOS: Uber Girly Shoot!

Haaay guys! I’m not going to make excuses for being MIA lately – just know it’s only because good things are bubbling up all around. In any case, a few weeks ago I hosted…

Rihanna Abruptly Ends Interview When Asked A Personal Question

While in Australia, Rihanna agreed to an interview for the TV show ‘Sunrise.” Everything seemed to be going well until Rihanna was asked a personal question. It wasn’t exactly a direct question, though the interviewer was hoping for a response. Rihanna has been getting really tired of personal questions especially regarding who she is dating…. More »

Buzznet Exclusive: The Maine Pre-Tour Interview

The boys of The Maine are getting ready to head out on their own headlining tour of the US and Canada; so we had Pat Kirch fills us in…

Inside the studio

I love working in the studio but I wish all of the MoonChildren could be with me while I record my new album. I figured the next best thing would be to show you what’s going on behind closed doors! The producers in the pictures are SeventyEight, the same guys who produced Zero Gravity! Check… More »


I recently started a private blog..If someone is wondering what’s going on in my head – welcome


Flippy cup :)

Fun video from a house party I recently attended. 

Song: Hollywood by CSS

Wasted Youth.

Pictures from a recent house party. It was a costume party. I was going for the gothic-wasted youth-ish look…meaning I pretty much went as myself :/ 

<img src=""…

I wish Halloween was everyday…

I love Halloween.  After recently proclaiming it was my favorite holiday, my mom informed me that it’s not an actual holiday.  Either way, it’s my favorite day of the year.  Who doesn’t love dressing up…

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