Little Help From Buzznet Family!

Hey guys,

how are you? I hope everything is going fine with you.Today it’s a pretty sunny day and I’m happy because I was tired of the last rainy days.

I want summer so bad!

By the way, I need to ask a little help from you, from who wanna give it to me, of course.

My favorite band Tokio Hotel has been nominated in O Music Awards for the fourth time and I’m so so happy, all the Aliens are voting for them.

Voting is pretty simply, you have to go HERE scroll the list and click on “VOTE” below Tokio Hotel image.

You can vote them signing with Twitter or Facebook.

You can vote 50 times per day since you don’t reach the second level and so you get 100 votes, more you go on with levels more you can vote.

You can vote also from the profile of other members so they can get more votes and reaches a new level, what I ask is, could you please vote from my OMA profile?

I really don’t know if Tokio Hotel will send a special prize to the #1 fan like the last year, but if it was, I would try my best to reach at least the top 3.

My profile is HERE

Thanks so much