8 Reasons To Rock The F*cking Vote Today

Election day is here!  With all the wild presidential race turmoil, the Hillary Clinton Vs. Donald Trump cage match is nearly over. Whether you’re really into one candidate or still trying to decide, the important part is that you VOTE! Here are 8 reasons to have to rock the fucking vote: It’s a glorious, glorious… More »

[NEW VIDEOMESSAGE] Help Tokio Hotel Win MTVs Musical March Madness!

Enjoy this funny video message of the gang. I’m laughing until tears, OMG. Tom and Georg are amazing hahaha Pumba is the cutest awwww. Are you ready to vote? Probably I’m one of the few who didn’t start another drama on this video. “No album = no voting” is just one of the million of… More »

State Champs Take Us To The Rink In ‘Hard To Please’ Music Video

State Champs has a new music video for, “Hard To Please” on MTVU today! As a teen who grew up loving pop/punk and spent weekend nights at the hockey rink, this video was made for…

Little Help From Buzznet Family!

Hey guys,

how are you? I hope everything is going fine with you.Today it’s a pretty sunny day and I’m happy because I was tired of the last rainy days.

I want summer so bad!

By the way…

Little Help From Buzznet Family!

Hey guys,

how are you? I hope everything is going fine with you.Today it’s a pretty sunny day and I’m happy because I was tired of the last rainy days.

I want summer so bad!

By the way…

2013 MTV Movie Award Nomination GIFs!

It’s almost time for the 2013 MTV Movie Awards! Take a look at this fun collection of GIFs below featuring some of our favorite MTV Movie Award nominees. Don’t forget to cast your…

The Summer Set Are On The RISE

Yesterday one of our All-Stars here on Buzznet, The Summer Set announced they’re part of this year’s Macy’s iHeartRadio Rising Star Contest! Legen, wait for it — dary! #musicrules. 

MUSIC NOTES: Yeah Yeah Yeah’s New Album News & More (VIDEO)

Music Notes; because let’s face it, #musicrules

We have a lot of touring news and new album news to discuss today! The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are ready to give us…

The Past Looks Of The People’s Choice Awards

The People’s Choice Awards thare airing this Wednesday (1/9) which will show off fan favorites in all catergories like music, movies and TV. I find this award show really interesting because people like me and you choose the winners! Not only is it fun to see our favorite celebs accept awards, BUT they always look… More »

Tokio Hotel’s Christmas Tree Battle

On TH’s official Twitter and Facebook in these last days there was a sort of battle for decree which Christmas tree is better between the twins and Georg’s ones.

Double Elimination: The X Factor Sixth Live Show Recap [Episode 17]

November 15, 2012

Results night in the 17th episode of The X Factor plus most anticipated Taylor Swift performance.

“This is not gonna be easy” says Demi in a video interview.

Vote For Britney Spears @ People’s Choice Awards

Hello Buzzneters, I need your help once again and I hope you give some votes to our Queen B.

Britney’s nominated for Best Celebrity Judge and Favorite Music Fan Following at the…

Full List Of 2012 American Music Award Nominations Are Here!

This morning Christina Aguilera announced the nominations for the 40th American Music Awards! We’re not too surprised by who made the cut, for the most part.

Fan favorites One Direction, Rihanna and Carly Rae Jepsen walked away with…

Gabbie Brown Makes Semi Finals To Become The Next Cw Star: Vote For Her

Buzzers! Vote for Gabbie! I love the Vampire Diaries. She loves the Vampire Diaries. And well, you probably love the Vampire Diaries too! So go and support her. She’ll do a killer job at being…

Music Pills [Week #6 – EMA’s 2012 Edition]

New week. New curiousities.

This time I chose three highlights about the second great MTV event of the year: EMAs 2012 this year will be placed in Frankfurt, Germany, exactly in Feasthalle Frankfurt, already scenary of…

Support Nicki Minaj At VMA’s

Today, VMA’s 2012 nominations are officially opened.

Since Britney Spears didn’t receive any nomination, and I’m really angry about this, since they nominated Adele with a song of the last year, Someone Like You,…

The Hottest Women In Super Hero Movies

So after watching The Dark Night Rises this weekend I decided to put together a gallery of the hottest women in super hero movies. There have been many hot catwomen’s! Which one of these ladies was your favorite women in a super hero movie? My vote goes to Anne Hathaway as Catwomen in The Dark… More »

Last Chance To Vote Britney Spears At Billboard Awards

Today’s the last chance to vote for Britney at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards!

She’s nominated for Best Dance Artist and Best Dance Song for “Till…

MTV Movie Award Nominations 2012: Who Should Win?

It’s that time of year again: The MTV Movie Awards! With summer just around the corner, it also means it’s time for those golden popcorn kernel-yielding trophies to…

Movie of the day: SOURCE CODE

Yesterday I’ve been at the cinema to watch SOURCE CODE.

There are a lot of things to say about this movie, and I think to resume all with an only one word:…

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