Britney Spears Does It Again On Shape Magazine

Britney reveals one of her secrets to getting in tip-top condition in the latest issue of Shape magazine.

“Since I was a little girl, being active and taking care of myself has been a part of who I am. So when I’ve been heavier or I haven’t met my own standards, it’s been a personal choice to get back in shape — not because of anyone else’s opinions.”

One reason why homegirl’s getting in the best shape of her life is for her strenuous shows in Las Vegas she’ll perform over a two year residency at Planet Hollywood.

“The performances won’t be special—they’ll be a massive party from start to finish. And to pull this off, I have to be in top condition and running at full speed.”

“I’m excited because the shows will have state-of-the-art technology and be really cutting-edge. But a big part of my decision to do this was my boys. When they’re not with me in Nevada, I can hop on a plane and be with them in Los Angeles in 45 minutes.”

She also revealed a little info about Album 8, saying:

“the record is definitely going to be more hip-hop than pop this time around.”

Check out the scans (thanks to Muumuse)