New Beauty Favorites

Hi babies. I have some new discoveries when it comes to beauty favorites and I thought I’d share. Most of these products are inexpensive and surprisingly amazing…<3

$8 Facial brush from eBay

My absolute favorite is this cheap face cleansing brush I found on eBay. Ten times less expensive than the drugstore brands and (holding my breath) it hasn’t broken yet! My skin is always stressed out from all the make up and LA dirt, It has been amazing to be able to get it squeaky clean every morning and evening.

E.L.F. foundation brush

If you haven’t heard of eyes, lips, face yet, do yourself a favor and discover them. Most products on their website cost $1! with the more pro brushes and stuff costing $3. Their brushes are my absolute favorite, especially this foundation brush. My cousin was visiting last month and fell in love with it too so I had to gift it to her. Helps you apply a thin, natural coat of foundation like no other brush I’ve ever tried.

Fake Bake airbrush instant self tanner

Hands down the best instant self tanner I’ve ever tried. Goes on and comes off evenly. Dries in minutes and looks totally natural.

JOIK goats milk body lotion

Estonian made JOIK has been a favorite of mine for years. This goats milk body lotion smells like heaven and leaves the skin baby butt soft. Not to mention most of their products are 100% natural.


This eyeshadow palette is holy shit amazing. Nuff said.

Luminous Change Eyelash Glue

The Japanese know their Lolita looks and the over the top eyelashes are a must. As a fan of Japanese markets, I’ve tried numerous different Japanese eyelash glue brands. Most of them have actually been surprisingly bad except this pink bottle of lash magic. Keeps those extra long faux lashes on for 24 hours straight with no problem. I also found it on eBay. Around $15 a bottle but so so worth it.

MANIC PANIC virgin snow toner

Even the name of this toner is amazing. Leave it on for a couple of hours to remove all the yellow from your freshly bleached blonde tresses. I always have one of these bottles in my bathroom just in case.

NARS Albatross highlighter

“Glitter is trashy, shimmer is classy” the cute gay boy working at Sephora told me once and went along to introduce this NARS highlighter. 6 months later, this baby has become a staple in my make up bag. Looks subtle enough to work during the day and dramatic enough once the lights hit it on stage. In love.

OLAY regenerist microdemabrasion and peel home system

This. is. amazing. And so easy to use. Salon quality microdermabrasion available in every drug store.

Ralph Lauren Big Pony Pink #2 Body mist

I love the way this smells. I’m on my third bottle. Not something I can’t live without but a nice addition to my morning routine (as if I had one).

SEPHORA velvet eye-liner appliqués

I am so obsessed with this product. The amazing eyeliner you see me rock at all the Utopia pictures – not my doing. No one can draw this even. I have been using these appliqués religiously. They are simply my favorite beauty product out there right now.

TOUS women Leau Perfume

So this is pretty much what I smell like these days. Just sweet enough while still having some attitude. I love their logo too. It’s a teddy bear. Awn. <3

YES to tomatoes deep cleaning facial pads

I came across these little pads accidentally and have been enjoying taking them with me on travels. Each one comes armed with little exfoliating raised dots and leaves the skin feeling clean and scrubbed.