Top 5 P!nk Performances!

If I’m going to give you basic realness… I do not rock out to P!nk tunes everyday. Quite frankly, I’ve only heard her radio hits. Oh, and I saw her Behind The Music episode which was quite interesting, but in all honestly for the last decade, P!nk has existed within the background of my personal pop culture sphere. Then I saw the music video for Try and she sort of blew my mind. What can’t this lady do? She can sing and perform a super difficult modern dance routine, she can sing upside down and water-drenched hanging from the ceiling, she can write a song about her ex and put him in the music video for it and reconcile, AND she says what’s on her mind.

To pay tribute to the truly talented bad ass woman that is P!nk I compiled some of my favorite performances.

1. Let’s start with her performance of “Try” at the AMA’s. I mean seriously, she re-enacted the music video. Lady can dance, perform, and sing. Every pop star should bow down.

2. Next up let’s just call a spade a spade. Her performance of Glitter In The Air at the Grammy’s was ridic. Her body is amazing and she worked the silks without any nets or wires. Also she was in heels.

3. Now we take it down a notch to when P!nk sang “Angel” alongside Sarah McLachlan at the AMA’s in 2008. If you had any doubts about her vocal prowess, consider this her rebuttal.

4. I picked P!nk’s performance of “So What” from the MTV EMA’s because she sounds awesome as per usual, wanders through the crowd, and ends the song with a pillow fight. It’s just a good time.

5. Lastly I have to shout out to her performance of “Just Give Me A Reason” with Fun.‘s Nate Ruess. They sound amazing together.

And as an added bonus, let’s shout out to P!nk’s brutal honesty and charm on The Today Show!

In conclusion, I’d just like to say thank you P!nk for being so darn fly!

What’s your favorite P!nk performance?