BETRAYAL: Robert Downey Jr. Has Been Wearing Wedges This Whole Time?!

Whoa whoa whoa, stop right there, stop the train. We always knew that our beloved Robert Downey Jr. was a bit on the vertically challenged side, but we assumed that his super chill vibe meant that it didn’t matter to him. It didn’t matter to us! He’s COOL. He’s HILARIOUS. He’s a great actor. So whatttt if he needs to stand on an apple box to look Gwyneth Paltrow in the eye?

However, we now find it impossible to ignore the fact that Robert’s height issue may be a little more serious, and defining than we thought. The man wears straight up wedge shoes. Not just on set, not for filming purposes, but almost every single time he’s photographed, he’s wearing blatantly enhanced footwear.

Upon further research it seems as though RDJ has been doing this since way back and has been hiding his lifts (we cringe to even say the word) beneath the soles of his super fly sneaker collection. He had us in a daze. At every red carpet he had everyone thinking how coooool he is, how societal norms don’t apply to him. “I’LL WEAR SNEAKERS IF I DAMN PLEASE, AND THE WORLD WILL LOVE ME FOR IT!” he may have said to himself in the mirror. Little did we know that a 2-4 inch secret was lurking below. Hiding in plain sight.

See for yourself: