Show Us Your Shrine: My Kerli Shrine

I don’t know if you know but I’m big fan of Kerli. I love her personality and art. For me she is unique person with heart of gold. Sometimes I write about Kerli but today I wanted to say something more.

I thought long time and today I posted my Kerli’s shrine on Twitter. Really I was afraid but I want to share with you my endless love to Kerli.

Yeah, I know that quality is very bad but I wasn’t able to do better. So I’ll talk you about my journey with this great Estonian singer.

I met Kerli in 2009. The first song which I heard was “Not A Barbie Doll”. This song helped me so much. In every morning, sad time I heard it in my ears…and I felt a little better. The next I found more her music and it was my narcotic.

I was very sad and I needed hope. And in my mind was born one idea. I thought about writing blog about Kerli. True was that I didn’t know almost nothing about her and I didn’t know English. But 16 August 2009 is a day when I opened blog and this day changed all my life.

I spent some time to translate stuffs about Kerli and it helped me forgot about my problems. And my English was better and better. Yeah, it thanks Kerli I know English. I’m so thankful for it.

During the next months I blogged and I discovered new myself. In Kerli’s old music I felt my life and a little hope that will be better.

I was so happy when I read that Kerli’s two songs( one featured with Tokio Hotel) will be on soundtrack to “Alice In Wonderland” by Tim Burton.

I tried to promoted her like the best. I contacted with Polish magazines or big portals. And I was so happy because one of the biggest portals for teens used a few times my news, even mentioned about me. It was suprise. I wanted like the best for Kerli. All time, I try to promote her here, in some gossip portals sometimes I write articles or put videos. I want to spread Kerli’s love and magical voice.

Kerli Poland was visited by many Kerli’s fans from another countries, so I opened KerliLand on tumblr. And I think that is liked place by Moon Children.

Yes, Moon Children. Thanks Kerli, I met incredible person. Moon Children are for me like a family. My heart beats for their too.

Sometimes I organize for Kerli’s some actions where everyone can take part. I love every but my favorites it:

And interview for Polish fans: HERE

I’m so happy that I met Kerli. She means so much for me and brough light to my life. Sometimes when I’m sad I read the letters which she sent me.

I feel so scared to post these letters here. I hope that no one will kill me…but there is so many love and light which helping me through by hard time…

from December 2011

And on my shrine you can see too 3 images, I made these special to Kerli’s contest in 2010 but are still so important to me.

I’m always the owner MoonChildren Group on Buzznet, so always you can to join: HERE