Hi, I organise new action special for Kerli!!!! Don’t wait and be part of it!!!!

“MoonChildren!!!!We have new action!!! Are you ready to show your love Kerli???? If yes, don’t wait and be part of it!!!

Kerli works so hard for new album. And I think that we can to do a little video gift for her , when we will show moonsupport!!!!

What can you send to me??

-Short video to 30 sec (NOT MORE!!!)-Your photos*-Drawings*-A little poem-Wishes wrote by you

Also you can recorded only your voice and add it in background your short video; photo ; photos or send to me and I’ll create something nice.

DEADLINE: 3rd June 2012 *-If you wanna send to me photos or drawing it you can 1-3. Not more *-Your video messages, voice messages you can upload on MediaFire or send to me :

P.S. I’ll reply on your e-mail to 24 hours, when I received. If you will not have my answer try again, or write DM to me….”