Avril Lavigne & Marilyn Manson Have A New Single “Bad Girl”

Avril Lavigne told Billboard that her fifth album will include a collaboration with Manson called “Bad Girl.”

The controversial rocker put his voice in ‘Bad Girl’, which the artist describes as one of the heavier themes of their album.

“The record is really diverse. Themes with pop-rock, but we also have piano ballads with orchestra.

“I have a song with Marilyn Manson heaviest called ‘Bad Girl’ and then I have a song called ‘Hello Kitty’, which sounds like nothing I’ve done before,” Lavigne said in an interview, according to NME.

The duet with Manson may illustrate the far end of Lavigne’s sonic spectrum, but the first single, “Here’s to Never Growing Up” (released Monday), is far more mainstream — reminiscent of Lavigne’s upbeat commercial rock hits such as 2002’s “Sk8er Boi.”

Lavigne wrote the song with her fiancé, Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger. At the end of last year, Lavigne released a cover of Nickelback’s smash “How You Remind Me,” which will be featured in the soundtrack to the anime movie One Piece Film Z.