Question Of The Day: Is Traveling Alone A Good Idea?

Happy March, everyone! Is it starting to warm up yet where you are? It is here in Los Angeles. I even heard birds singing their little bird songs this morning, which I can’t recall hearing at all until today. Things are weird, to say the least. Way to go, nature. Way to weird it up.

Le Tweet

Spring isn’t until the end of the month but still, I think things are starting to spring back, and I’m okay with that. That means that I won’t have to wear massive amounts of layers in the morning when I leave my house. Don’t get me wrong, I love layers, but I kind of get tired of it.

Le Blanket Party – Bye bye Layers

And so now we get to the part where I ask you questions and things about stuff. Mostly, there are few unofficial holiday things happening today. Some of those things are Horse Appreciation Day, Pig Day, & Peanut Lovers Day. Maybe those first two things you show your appreciation for by not eating them today. The last one is okay to eat because that’s how you show that you love it.

Is it really though?

It’s also World Compliment Day, so yay that! Let us all shower each other with nice things and stuff because that’s what this day is for. Also, since the topic of this Question of the Day is called “traveling alone,” it means that we are going to talk about Plan A Solo Vacation Day.

Where’s Torrance?

I don’t know how you feel about traveling alone. I am prone to traveling about by my lonesome because that’s how I am. We have done the “If You Could Go Anywhere…? question a bunch of times before but I don’t ever recall having any conditions with said question. The condition now is that you must go alone, like a lonesome prairie dog, or a me. Would you be brave enough to travel by yourself? Where will you be off to? Tell us!

If you went anywhere on your own, where would it be?

Thumbnail by Dora