Inspiring space: Plenty of plants.

I love interiors that incorporate a little bit of the outside inside, especially during those long winter months. There is something so uplifting about the sight of a bright green plants during those dreary grey days. Actually… come to think of it, plants are a great addition to a home anytime of the year! Whether they are hanging plants, potted plants on the ground, or even a little herb garden on your windowsill, they sure add a pretty touch to any room. You don’t even need a green thumb to incorporate plants into your decorating scheme because there are so many beautiful artificial plants avaliable these days. We use quite a few fake plants in our store’s decor because it’s just not practical to keep live plants next to our merchandise (read: dirt can be, well… dirty.) So whether they are real or artificial, we believe that every home should have a little bit of greenery in it. Take this beautiful eclectic space for example, we love how the green plants and boldly colored furniture pops against the neutral walls:

So have we awoken your inner green thumb?

All images found via My Scandinavian Home.