Alkaline Trio Stream New Album ‘My Shame Is True’

Alkaline Trio has been kind enough to give us their entire new album My Shame Is True a week early via YouTube. I have been listening to the stream all day because; A. Alkaline Trio is one of my very favorite bands — and B. because it’s so good I can’t stop. I know Alkaline Trio isn’t a band we cover often here on Buzznet, but their records had a big influence on me as a teenager when I started to really love music. They have been at this punk rock thing forever and have created many memorable moments for me.

Alkaline Trio have the ability to write really dark sad music, but give it a really catchy hook that you end up singing out loud when you’re alone hours later. Matt Skiba told SPIN the new album was inspired by a recent “good” breakup. He told our sister site, “Like any good breakup there’s never a clean break. You go back and forth and try and fix it and you’re still hooking up or whatever. So this record represents that sort of confusion and pain and at times relief and happiness that sometimes blows up in your face”. I think I will find a few things to relate to on this record. The song “Death Do Us Part” really hit close to home.

I also love that Dan Andriano (co-vocalist and bassist) has a few moments on the mic. He sings lead on one of my favorite Alkaline Trio songs, “Enjoy Your Day.” If you’re new to Alkaline Trio check out the song “Supid Kid” off of Here to Infimary. Trust me. #musicrules.

Enjoy the album here and let me know what you think! You can pick up a your own copy next week via Epitaph Records.

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