DSDS 10th Season – Episode Eleven Recap

[this is an EPIC moment haha what are you doing, guys? Damn, I love them so much!]

In this new DSDS episode we’re going to see of anything.

So don’t waste time and check out what happened in the episode 11.

[If you wanna to check the whole episode, click HERE – thanks RTL.de]

We start so good *sarcasm* with Sarah Joelle talking to the camera, she thinks to be gorgeous and probably she thinks how to put the makeup but she’s not beautiful nor a great makeup artist (she reminds me someone….)

Ok so, the contestants are on the sailing ship who brings them on the island where they will perform in front of the judges and Talina doesn’t understand where Curaçao is and Denis is explaining her.

Get them an atlas and a compass, please! XD

Porto Marie, Curaçao – Day 1

Fairuz, Talina, Vaide and Jennifer are preparing a little choreography to use with the song they have to sing, “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Jae Rapsen.

Vaide seems to doesn’t be inside the performance a lot and she seems pretty boring about that, please! Be a bit professional, oh God!

In my opinion Jennifer was the best and the girls give to the judges a little note (because the song say: I got your number so call me maybe, or something like that ha) and Bill thought they really wrote their numbers on awww so cute!

By the way the judges didn’t like so much this performance, yeah there were some bad parts, few forgetfulness but I’ve seen of worse!

Wincent, Daniel and Piero are the second group and they are preparing “Candy” by Robbie Williams.

The song is really really difficult and if they had problems (not Wincent) with German songs during the first part of Recall, with this that it’s in English and really fast, I don’t know what it could happen.

Daniel wants impress the judges, especially Dieter which the last time said him to don’t have a personality and a great style, so he decides to put make up on and use two dust mopes.

Ok, it’s horrific and hilarious at the same time, please don’t show to Gaga what he’s wearing because it could be an inspiration for her new tour when she comes back from recover hahah

Daniel says Bill is a sort of inspiration for him and Tom and Bill can’t keep from laughing hahah and then Bill thanks him continuing to laugh hahaha XD

Mateo keeps from laughing during the performance but it seems Daniel convinced the jury with this weird look, a bit less the others two! For me Wincent was really really good.

Nora, Sarah Joelle, Susan and Dijana are the third and last group for this sort of first phase in Curaçao.

Dijana is afraid to forget the words and Nora is a sort of leader in this group haha so lovely! The complicity between her and Mateo makes me smile. I would like to know why there’s no drama in this but there has to be about Bill and Laura. I definitely don’t understand some people and I will never do!

By the way, the song choice is “Move In The Right Direction” by Gossip.

Sarah Joelle always has to act like a bitch, damn, STOP IT! You are boring, and I can’t look at her with that horrible make up, probably her room hasn’t a mirror so she couldn’t see what’s on her face.

Dieter and Mateo discuss on Nora, Mateo defends the girl and she’s happy about that!

Bill expresses his great thoughts to Dijana. He was really impressed by her and he couldn’t stop to look her. Ok a new drama is coming? Please, don’t! Otherwise every time he has to express a positive opinion on a female contestant is automatically love for someone. Be more mature!

I think Dijana was really really cool too with Nora and Susan, this one receives compliments by the jury, instead, as usual for Sarah Joelle there aren’t good words. The girl acts like a diva and she’s like: I don’t care what you are saying! Get off the pedestal, baby!

This sort of first phase is ended and the jury calls again all the contestants in front of them at the sunset.

Jennifer, Bjoern, Maurice and Nora are rewarded as the best of this phase. YAAAAY I’m so happy about! I love all of them so much!

Instead for Lara, Angelina, Talina, Vaide and Aline, the performance wasn’t really good but even though for Talina, Lara and Aline they give her a second chance, it’s not the same for Angelina and Vaide: their journey is ended!

Landhaus Santa Martha de Soto, Curaçao – Day 2

The contestants are welcomed by Miss Universe Curaçao in this wonderful part of the island.

All together have fun dancing with few dancers of the place and talk with Miss Curaçao which thinks Maurice is really nice and Denis asks her if she got plastic surgery on her face since it’s too much perfect, the girl laughs and says him to be all natural. What kind of questions are these? O.o

Angelitos, a little group of children sings for the contestants awww cute!

And finally the judges arrive and greet the acts.

Bill, oh Gott! Du bist richting HOT!

We have this exclusive Recall by night where all the contestants enjoy the performances of the others, accompanied by a little band.

Maurice, Sergen and Lucas sing on “Dancing in the moonlight” by Toploader

Bill compliments with Lucas and Dieter says Maurice to be really comfortable in what he’s doing and he has a great voice. The guy is really happy and I have to say he’s one of a few, if not the only one, to have kept a great voice control also in Curaçao when a lot lost the control of own voice, were off-key and stuff like that.

Damn, he’s really professional and if you are able to sing, you always do it and not because you are with your feet in the sand you lose your control. I don’t understand what happened to the most part of the other contestants.

By the way about Lucas, Dieter says his pop is relative; Mateo and Tom look at him [Dieter] and about Sergen, he liked him during the auditions but this time the pop titan critics him even though Mateo liked him.

The last group for tonight is formed by Beatrice, Oksana and Jolijn with “La Isla Bonita” by Madonna.

Beatrice is really worried about her English and the timing.

My question is: how they can forget the lyrics of this famous song? I mean I think anyone of us knows it! It’s impossible to don’t know the lyrics. It’s me that I’m too much a music lover or what?

Dieter tells Oksana her problem is the intensity, while Bill says the performance was unsure, yeah a lot I would add, baby! They were inventing the lyrics for the most part of the performance.

[I love when my brother in law recognizes his limits hahah]

Dieter ends with: three craps haha


I’m sure also the next Saturday we will see a lot of great stuff!

Which has been your favorite performance/moment in this episode?