February Photo Challenge: Something You Love

Hello guys and Happy Sunday everyone.

Also this time I write this blog just at the last day, but you know I’m pretty busy at the moment and only in the late weekend I can dedicate to all the lovely things I wanna do and spend few hours in this amazing community.

So the second week of this fab February Photo Challenge asks to show and talk about something we love and yep, I could be pretty boring once again eheh since probably in each of these blogs you will find a recurring theme.

By the way, let’s go!

There are a lot of things I love and it’s impossible for me to choose just one, so I picked a few and I really hope you appreciate the photos and what I’m going to write.


[photo shot on October 11, 2011 in Milan in Sforza’s castle park]

I simply love nature. It’s such a gift and I love admire it, notice how it changes during the hours and in general during the different seasons.

I love how the leaves moves on the tree and the sound of the wind between them, the sound of the water and the singing of the birds.

We should be more glad toward nature instead to abuse of it, kill it and stuff like it.

The world definitely would be more clean and pure if each one of us respected more what we have around.


The photo of the dog has been shot during Christmas Eve of 2011 and she’s Peggy, the dog of the best friend of my dad and his wife. She’s 10 now but she’s a freak of nature, her vitality is indescribable and she has the mentality of a younger dog.

The photo of the cat has been shot always in Milan at Sforza’s castle on October 11, 2011.

Just like nature, I really really love animals (ok, maybe there are a few I don’t like but it’s pretty normal, I think eheh all of us have our favs)

And just like nature I don’t like human beings abuse, kill and/or abandon animals.

I’m not vegetarian because I can’t, since usually I have to eat some meat for some problems I have but I don’t eat tons of meat, I try to don’t eat it a lot, but just sometimes when I need because of my body; BUT I have total respect for animals!

I don’t like when they are treat like shit, people make them leave in the weirdest places and also for these reasons I don’t like zoos and circuses, I prefer to see animals totally free in their own nature or maybe in huge parks where they have the right place for moving and feel free.

Going at concerts & listening to music

And now the obvious part of my blog hahah

Well, music is my life and going to concerts is like to breath for me!

I always wanna see tons of artists to perform and share with them the same emotions, feelings, places and air. It could sound like an addiction, well, yeah it is but it’s an amazing one and I can’t get enough.

I chose to shot some of the concert’s tickets I attended in these last years and few of my favorite albums I have in my room. I couldn’t shoot my whole collection of over 250 albums, cd, deluxe editions, special boxes ect but I just picked few of my favorite artists/albums and put them together in a photo 😉

Nietzsche once said: “without music, life would be a mistake”, well I’m so agree with what he said! I mean, music for me is life, it’s harmony, it’s an expression of what we wanna say, it’s pure emotion.

I really hope you appreciated this blog of mine and I wait your comments, I will be glad to answer you and share opinions and thoughts + I wanna read also your blogs/posts! 😉

Love xoxo