Get To Know: The New Division

At the beginning of 2013 I set out on a quest to find new bands to feature this year. Luckily I found a winner within 20 minutes of searching. Thanks, Twitter! Let’s get to know The New Division!

The New Division is an indie/new wave/synthpop band consisting of John Kunkel, (vox/producer) Micheal Janz, (sequencing/synths) Mark Michalski, (synths) and Brock Woolsey (guitar). Hailing from Riverside, CA, The New Division is a torpedo kick of 80’s new wave. Time warp, anyone?

With influences like Joy Division, New Order and Depeche Mode, The New Division are faithfully what their name hints at: a new twist on the classics. I think the description on their Facebook page says it best: Not stuck under the weight and spell of the greats that came before them, but perfectly inspired, these guys have done what most bands can’t do. They’ve remained faithful to their influence without being a copycat. Their sound feels comfortably connected to the past but with a momentum that fastens them to the future.

The New Division started their mark on the music world in 2011 when they released The Rookie EP which lead to them releasing their full length album, Shadows, later that year. Shadows continues to climb up charts all across the US as well as internationally. Several music publications named the LP a top album of 2011.

The New Division are embracing today’s musical landscape by being multifaceted. They started a label, Division 87 Records, which scouts both in the States as well as overseas for new talent. Not bad!

Their latest EP, Night Escape, is out now! Check out their song “Pride,” below:

Pride by The New Division

What do you think of The New Division?

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