25 Of The BEST WORST Hairstyles Of The ’80s

The ’80s were an interesting time for fashion and the hairstyles that were normal and considered trendy! We stumbled upon a slew of crazy amazing bad hair form the ’80s on the Internet this weekend and we can’t help but share our 25 favorite hair dos that today are definite DON’TS! Click into the gallery above for… More »

Artist To Buzz About: Kristin Kontrol

For fans of: CHVRCHES, Ace of Base, Garbage Kristin Kontrol is a new neo-80’s meets 90’s alternative project from Dum Dum Girls‘ leader, Dee Dee, that’s garnering quite the buzz around the blogosphere. Her debut album, X-Communicate, is killing it right now and to celebrate, the singer is currently joining Garbage on their Strange Little… More »

From The Indie Vault: Allegories

Allegories – For fans of: The Smiths, Joy Division, Tears For Fears

The first time I heard Allegories, I had…

Band To Buzz About Summer ’14: Kitten

LA’s indie/pop band Kitten have garnered a cult following within the past five years. Fronted by 19 year-old powerhouse Chloe Chaidez, the band has opened…

Pretty In Synth: Magic Man’s ‘Before The Waves’ Is a New Wave of 80’s Nostalgia

Buzznet’s Artist Of The Month for July, Magic Man, released their debut album, Before The Waves, today and BTW, it’s even better than…

From The Indie Vault: cultureculture

cultureculture – For fans of: Bag Raiders, Bearstronaut, Empire of The Sun

cultureculture are a brand new synthpop band from Atlanta, GA that…

Album Review: Neon Trees ‘Pop Psychology’

Neon Trees released their third album, Pop Psychology, today and I just want to hold it in my arms forever. I purposely…

Haerts Melt Hearts with New Track, “Call My Name”

I woke up this morning to a lovely surprise in my Facebook news feed. Brooklyn synthpop band Haerts have unveiled a brand new…

From The Indie Vault: New Arcades

New Arcades – For fans of: Empire Of The Sun, The New Division, Bearstronaut

London duo New Arcades are right up…

Tears For Fears To Release New Material In 2014

For the past year, 80’s sensation Tears For Fears kept fans eagerly awaiting the announcement of new material. I’m proud to announce that…

Tears For Fears Are ‘Ready To Start’ With Arcade Fire Cover

80’s music nerds rejoice! Tears For Fears are back and they are ‘ready to start’ making new music! The “Head Over Heels” duo took a long break from the music scene for a…

An 80’s Throwback Video Premier “Get To You”

Some of you may know Matt Wertz and some of you may not, but he’s a good friend of mine that’s based here in Nashville. He’s a fantastic artist with several records under…

PHOTOS: My 80s Icon Themed Magazine Editorial!

My 80s-icon themed photo editorial for my interview in the new issue of Giuseppina Magazine has come out, and I’m loving it! I got to dress up as Siouxsie Sioux, Madonna, Angelyne, Annie Lennox, Nina Hagen, and a futuristic version of Cyndi Lauper. They didn’t use all of our looks, so in this gallery are… More »

Are Ballads A Dying Breed?


There’s something so special about a ballad. Maybe it’s the fact that they are so rare…

Best Albums of a Decade

In honor of All Star Month, I’ve put together a gallery of the top five best albums of the 80’s, 90’s and the 00’s! Enjoy and don’t forget to let me know your favorites in the comments below! Which album is your fave? Don’t miss a beat! Follow me on Twitter @TinaTweetsAlot

Style Profile: 80s Pop Stars

One of my favorite decades in fashion is the 1980s. Especially with the creation of MTV – it revolutionized both the fashion and music industry. Some of my favorite Pop Stars of the 80s that stood out to me in fashion were Pat Benetar, Tiffany, Cyndi Lauper and Madonna (to name a few). Big color… More »

Get To Know: The New Division

At the beginning of 2013 I set out on a quest to find new bands to feature this year. Luckily I found a winner within 20 minutes…

The Baby-Sitters Club Returns: Cue The Nostalgia

Calling all children of the 90’s! Let’s all rejoice! The Baby-Sitters Club is back!

For those of you who don’t know, The Baby-Sitters Club is a…

Flashback To The 80’s: A Decade Of Synthpop

The 80’s have come and gone, and let’s face it: most of us weren’t even around then to enjoy it but luckily we have family and friends who have experienced the 80’s so we can live vicariously through their stories. Plus we have loads of music to pour over as we learn the history behind… More »

Sticker Face

Shooting this was so fun, flash back to being a 80s/90s kid and collecting stickers & trippy lenses like they were going out of style! makeup: lisa nocera

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