DSDS 10th Season – Episode One Recap

I’m pretty excited to write about DSDS, I thought to divide episode recaps to info update’s blogs so it’s more clear for anyone who wants to follow my Buzznet profile 🙂

So tonight I had the pleasure to watch the first episode of casting and I really hope you did it too, if not you can click HERE for watching it [thanks RTL.de] or HERE for downloading it [thanks tokiohotelinfo.blogspot.it]

PLUS: Episode with English subs HERE

In general I can say it’s been pretty funny, some contestants were really really bad, just a few for now were good and just one caught my attention, but let’s go in order.


“The Edge Of Glory” is a sort of pre-opening sung and performed by the two hosts of the show and the winners of the previous seasons (I just recognized a few because of BRAVO magazines)

7:30am AUDITIONS – DAY 1

9:25am Contestants arriving

10:16am Hosts arriving on red carpet

10:43am Judges arriving

The filming is about October 20, 2012 during the first part of RECALL (I don’t know why they put DAY 1 thought)

Media caught the occasion to interview the hosts and the judges, Bill says it’s a huge chance to judge and Tom wants the contestants first of all have fun.

A little video gives us a preview about what we’re going to see in the next months till live shows and then we are ready to start!

The first contestant we know is Daniel Abazi (17)

[If you want to see only his performance, click HERE]

He brought with him the holy water from Lurdes and it’s a sort of lucky charm, ok now Dieter brings the little bottle and put some on his arms and head, PLEASE HAHAHA It’s Simon Cowell German version, I’m going to love this man

Bill and Tom when see Daniel hold back theirselves to laugh buahahaha please, be professional guys! Daniel song’s choice is “Rumor Has It” of Adele.

My positive critic is that contestants in this talent sing a capella, and it’s great! It’s the best way for judging (sometimes they can use the piano too).

Adnan El-Ali (20) is the second one.

Dieter says his hair reminds Bill’s one, I’m sorry Dieter but Bill’s hair is freaking awesome!

He chooses to sing a song written by him something like: “I’m the superstar!”

Mateo isn’t convinced, Bill eats for forgetting what he’s seeing and Dieter’s looking the ground.

Dieter puts him in the #1 of Top 5’s most horrible DSDS audition, you have to check out that part because it’s super funny, I was in tears hahahah

It’s the turn of a 20 years old girl, she comes with black shorts and who knows why camera shoots Tom hahah and please look at this cap of my brother in law during her audition:

OMG he’s like a little mouse awwwww

Ok, she sings “Price Tag” by Jessie J but for Dieter her voice is one of the kind and she doesn’t pass.

Then arrive a long serie of “NO” and damn, a guy undresses and shows off his abs to the jury. Erm… did you notice they are all men?!?!? BUAHAHAHAH

Michael Margraf (21) brings his guitar and his stuffed mascotte to DSDS audition.

He wasn’t really sure to join the castings but his girlfriend thinks he’s right for this.

He sings “Flower Rivers” by Trigger Finger (ok, I think he conquered Bill since he likes this band).

Mateo whistles with him during the song and Michael got the RECALL.

[If you wanna check only his performance, click HERE]

Nadja (22) and Talina Domeyer (18) are two blond (and unpleasant) sisters.

Nadja thinks to have the best voice and Talina thinks the same but once in the audition, both say to have the best voice.

For me Talina has the best voice and so thinks Mateo.

Nadja doesn’t pass.

Dieter is undecided on Talina but in the end he says “YES” and the girl goes through RECALL

[If you wanna to check only this performance, click HERE]

Now a very embarassing moment, on the “dressing room” where contestants stay before to be called for the audition has a hidden camera so the judges can spy them and they assist to very embarassing situations like this one:

Ricardo Belecki (20) is the next act.

[If you wanna to check only this performance, click HERE]

He already joined the show once or twice and he was called “Ricardo Der Herpes Junge” [the herpes boy] or “Ricardo Der Yeah” [the yeah]

He performs on “Sweet Dreams” by Beyonce with some German lyrics too.

Dieter wants to give him a second chance, Mateo thinks he’s good and so Bill and Tom (richtig, richtig gut!)

A little sneak peek of RECALL session:

Dieter says Ricardo to be a rude asshole WOW WOW WOW XD

A guy comes on stage and Dieter starts with: “Are you a boy or a girl?”

BUAHAAHAHHAHAHA ok I seriously thought she was a girl but instead he was a boy.

[If you wanna to check only this performance, click HERE]

Gilbert Neumann tells he had problems at school and he gained a lot of kilos too.

His performance on “Rolling In The Deep” doesn’t convince Bill but in the end he passes as well.

OMG, this is the best part, please check it out because it’s worth it!

Nico Klaschka (20) from Hamburg. Code Name: MACHETE.

“Ahi ahi ahi” says Dieter when he sees the contestant coming down the stairs.

Nico talks about a part of his life when he went round by helicopters and policemen.

Dieter asks why he keeps a headphone on his ear, Nico explains is for keeping the melody when he sings, he choose a Xaiver Naidoo songs, when he press “play” button on his mp3 player, “Halo” by Beyonce starts hahahah then he finds the right track but definitely is a NO.

Susan Albers (28) is the last contestant for tonight.

Tom asks which genres she sings and she answers: r’n’b and pop/rock.

She sings with the piano “Empire State Of Mind” by Alicia Keys and she’s the only one who caught my attention.

[If you wanna to check only this performance, click HERE]

She gets great opinions and Tom adds: “For me is a YES!”

Which is your favorite performance/moment of this first episode?

Let’s see on Wednesday night, always on RTL at 8:15pm [German Time]

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