Tonight Is The Night: The X Factor First Live Show Recap [Episode 12]

October 31, 2012

Tonight for the first time the final 16 singing live from Hollywood!

Judges and their four acts appear on stage! Britney is flawless in that black and tight short dress and have you noticed that she always is the last one to appear on stage and the voice over always emphatize his tone when he calls her name? It’s Britney Bitch!

Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian are the hosts of this season and they wish a Happy Halloween to everybody before to start the show but first our judges tells us their thoughts about the night.

“It’s a tough night for the other acts” says LA Reid while Demi replies with: “My contestants are gonna show you how much talent they are”… it’s seems the judges are more competitive than the final 16, wow!

Paige is the first to break the ice on stage.

The costume and the scenography are amazing, she did a great performance even though she can do better in my opinion, I know how this girl rocks and she was just nervous and excited, it’s her first live performance in front of a screaming crowd and it’s not easy but I think she was cool.

She sang “What Is Love?” and the whole performance seems one of Janet Jackson’s one. So cool!

Demi is unbelievably proud of her, LA tells Paige she looks like a star but he’s not sure about the song’s choice while Simon thinks this show found the star and Britney compliments with the girl saying she’s outrageous!

There’s a little news for who’s gonna be the winner of this season, for him/her there will be not only a huge prize like $5 million with Sony record label but he/she will be the new Pepsi’s face in commercial how Britney used to be in the earl of 2000s… that’s incredible!

Arin from Britney’s category is the second one to perform tonight and sizzled up with the Supremes’ “Keep Me Hanging On.”

“I couldn’t really hear your vocals because the girls were screaming so loud,” Demi says.

Simon Cowell thought he had swag and self-confidence. Britney called him “a little genius.” and LA compliments with Britney for song’s choice

It’s time to listen David Correy, one of LA’s acts

“My Love Is Your Love” by Whitney Houston is LA’s choice for the boy and for me he rocked the house! His voice was amazing and self-controlled! And hell yeah, Britney thinks he is amazing too and he suprised her a lot and she felt him! Also Demi seems to be of the same opinion saying: “You really got the crowd!” but even though LA is really proud of David, Simon doesn’t and advices the boy to calm down a little bit!

And it’s just the beginning…

“Hell On Heels” is Simon’s song choice for Sister C

Personally I don’t like them, I find them annoying and their performance always on the same level… LA says it was a good performance while Britney adds it was interesting and Demi tells them to be a little stiff but Simon replies her that they aren’t dancers but singers and that they are improved since the first performance.

For me not!

Jennel Garcia walks on stage with a new look, Demi wanted to turn her as a real rock star and it seems she did it! With a really patriotic song “Home Sweet Home” Jennel did a great performance and she got a 10 by a surprised LA Reid who is convinced she could win.

Britney adds the girl completely rocked out and she also says to love her hairstyle!

And Simon continues with his sarcastic comments saying Demi tried to create a clone of her with this Jennel’s transformation!

Simon can I say you a little thing? For me Jennel is cutest than Demi and also more talented!

Meanwhile Khloe is in the backstage asking to Willie and Carly Rose how they are feeling, their answers has been the same: really nervous but ready!

It’s time to see a real Diamond on stage with “Hey, Soul Sister”

Personally I thought she rocked more than she have done but I can imagine it’s not easy singing live during a live show and for the first time ever, you have to say the adrenaline all over your body and damn nervous, also LA thought the same to me and he says to have found Diamond a little bit mechanic in the beginning but then she was able to made own the song.

Demi wants to see the girl having fun on stage while Simon was absolutely blowned away by her performance and compliments with Britney for the song’s choice and what thinks Diamond’s mentor? “I’m so proud of you, you are amazing and you impressed me!” Britney says.

Vino Alan rocked out to Nickelback’s “Gotta Be Somebody” and even revealed that tattooed baldhead for us again!

“I really, really like you,” says Simon Cowell. But, “You completed and utterly cocked this up,” says Simon to L.A. Reid over the song choice. Simon thinks Vino is more a soul singer than a rock singer and it seems Vino is agree.

Britney found Vino a little bored but it was really good, also Demi seems to have the same opinion even though she saw the passion behind his eyes.

Simon thinks Lyric 145 has an incredible stage presence and I can’t be more agree with him! I really really love this group and even though they have been put together during bootcamp they got a great chemistry and personally I think their is the best performance of the night!

With a mashup of “Shake The Groove” and the 2012 hit “Gangnam Style” they really boomed the audience but LA seems to be not agree and don’t considerate all this hip hop, Britney instead stayed speechless during the performance and then says them it’s been genuinely entertaining, Demi adds to have had so much fun watching them and last Simon says: “Absolutely sensational!”

Demi changed Cece look and personally I don’t like her new platinum blond hair!

Cece performance on “Because The Night” didn’t impressed the judges a lot, even though LA thinks it was really strong there’s some vocal problems he’s concerned about and also Britney thinks it adding sometimes she’s vocally weak but Simon tells Cece doesn’t matter if it wasn’t the best vocal he heard because she’s fearless and intersting just like a pop star should be.

Demi encourages her to do much better the next time!

Tate is the next and in the video before his performance we see a really great daddy and husband, he misses his family everyday. He tackles Craig Morgan’s “Tough” and Simon says “For me, you’re a keeper,” L.A. Reid couldn’t agree more.

“You wow me every time,” says Britney while Demi adds she was a little bit bored, but thinks he’s going to go so far. “I love you,” he said to his family with tears in his eyes.

Britney introduces Beatrice saying she’s the best and in the rvm our Queen B explains to have chosen a slow song for Beatrice because she knows the little girl can sing anything as a singer should does.

Beatrice slows it down a bit with Jason Mraz’s “I Won’t Give Up” and L.A. Reid believed her and loved her. Demi was so impressed while Simon liked the song choice.

“I think you’re a true star,” said Britney Spears.

At Mario Lopez question: “What’s been like to work with Britney Spears so far?” Beatrice answers: “She’s the best and so nice. She knows exactly what we need!” and Britney sends her a kiss! So lovely!

It’s time to see Mr. Entertainment as LA uses to call him aka Jason Brock which finally got his glitter explosion as purple glitter rained down on him during JLo’s “Dance Again”. Best moment? In the heat of the moment, he stroked the bare chest of a hot dancer! “Jason, I Iike you, but that was utterly horrendous,” says Simon to a booing audience. Wow. “He’s a hater, don’t worry about it. Congratulations, we enjoyed it,” said L.A. Reid.

But also Britney and Demi thinks the song wasn’t right for him at all!

What do you think?

Breaking news! LYLAS has changed their name to 1432, which means “I Love You Too.” The Group brought girl power to the first Live Show with Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” L.A. Reid called their performance “talent show” and “karaoke.” Britney was pleasantly surprised while Demi felt that only one person shined (Camila Cabello). Simon ends with: “You are fantastic.”

Willie Jones got his groove on to Gretchen Wilson’s “Here for the Party”

“It was amazing,” says Britney while Simon thinks it “was silly, actually.” Demi snapped back to Simon saying that she knows more what young people like than Simon does and ends with “I’m proud of you!” to Willie.

“I think you if could sing country with a high top fade, you’re all right with me,” says host Mario Lopez.

For Carly Rose performance (Flo Rida’s “Good Feeling”), Britney had an idea: turned the little girl in a mini Britney in a school uniform as she used to be when she hit the music industry with her “Baby One More Time”

L.A. and Demi feel she didn’t have enough fun.

“It would be criminal if you left the competition tomorrow,” said Simon but Britney isn’t agree for her Carly did a great job!

Emblem3 closed the first Live Show with Matisyahu’s “One Day.” L.A. Reid called them “America’s next pop sensation.” Britney thought they were amazing and adorable. “You boys make me swoon,” said Demi. “I can’t look you in the eye when you sing to me because I’m suppose to be a judge and not, um, flirting with you while you sing. But I love you boys. You’re so talented and I’m not gonna look at you.”

It’s all for tonight! We have seen all the final 16 and on the next live show we will know the first contestant who have to leave the competition.

Permit you to say a few stuff before to leave you:

I’ve never follow X Factor, just a few episodes about the first Italian edition six years ago, I have to say US version has something more: the performances are incredible! Full of lights, dancers and a spectacular scenography something there wasn’t in the first Italian season.

I’ve been really really impressed and I’m happy to have seen Brian Friedman (historical Britney’s choreographer also preparing acts and dancers)!

As I previously said, the most part of the finals 16 were really really nervous and let the nervous drives them, I know they can do damn better and for me the only one who completely rocked the night has been Lyric 145 followed by David Correy and Tate Stevens.

So let me know your thoughts…

Which has been your favorite performance in this first live show?