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The X Factor Contestants Talk About Divas Show

This week’s X Factor theme is DIVAS, and the contestants gave a little hint of what viewers can expect.

Arin Ray decides less is more: ”It’s…

Who’s The Favorite Act Of America? – The X Factor Fourth Live Show Recap [Episode 15]

November 8, 2012

Tonight, for the first time ever, we will discover who’s the favorite act of America and one contestant will have to leave the competition.

But before to start…

US Public Votes For His Favorite Act: The X Factor Third Live Show Recap [Episode 14]

November 7, 2012

Tonight for the very first time ever the final 12 fight for your votes but there’s a little surprise/news… Judges after watched back the previous show made a decision,…

Final 16 Become 12: The X Factor Second Live Show Recap [Episode 13]

November 1, 2012

Tonight the final 16 become 12.

We will have four eliminations, one for each category: two acts go through the next live shows, the other two will fight…

Tonight Is The Night: The X Factor First Live Show Recap [Episode 12]

October 31, 2012

Tonight for the first time the final 16 singing live from Hollywood!

Judges and their four acts appear on stage! Britney is flawless in…

New The X Factor Commercial Featuring Finalists

A new commercial for The X Factor aired after the baseball game this weekend featuring the finalists who’ve made it to the live shows!

Mario Lopez & Khloe Kardashian Talk About The X-Factor

Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian gave Extra! an interview about their new roles as judges on this season of The X Factor,  the two have great professional chemistry. Mario admits one of his…


The X Factor released video spoofs just in time for the election! Demi Lovato, lame? L.A. Reid, old? Who has the best taste in music? Check out this promo to see why America’s Sweetheart Britney Spears is Right With Music, Right With America.

This Is The Moment Of Truth: The X Factor Episode 11 Recap

Last week judges discovered which category they are going to mentoring and the 24 acts had the last performance in judges’ home before live shows.

Tonight only four in each category go…

The Most Important Performance Of Their Lives: The X Factor Episode 10 Recap

Thousand auditioned and now only 24 remain.

Each category has been invited in the judges’ home and the fight is on for a place in the last 16.


The Battle Is On: The X Factor Episode 9 Recap

In the last episodes we were going through thousand auditions till 120 contestants on bootcamp. Tonight 60 becomes 24! Now the judges get competitive and they take their category to the judges’ house and…

New Judges’ House Britney Interview

Britney looks really pretty in her latest interview for The X Factor with

She talks about it being difficult to tell the contestants who didn’t make cut to go home, but is excited…

This Week’s The X Factor Preview

A new preview for this week’s The X Factor hit the net, and it’s looking pretty juicy! Check it out!

The X Factor Episode 8 Recap: Boot Camp Begins

Tonight bootcamp continues with Talent vs. Talent

Tara Simon vs. Jennel Garcia

Jennel would like to have a song in her style.


No Second Chances, Or You Stand Up Or You Go Home – The X Factor Episode 7

This week it’s bootcamp in Miami.

The first shots are about our contestant who’s greeting their parents.

They have to go in Miami for bootcamp and it will be really hard…

Heavenly Voices & Baby Britneys On The X Factor Episode 6

Today the $5 million search come to end!

On the last episode in San Francisco we were waiting about what happened to Trevor, a 13 years old student.


Somebody Who Follows Her Father’s Footsteps & Ice Ice Babyney On The X Factor Episode 5

Tonight the fight for $5 million continues…

Providence, RI

LA is on a local radio two hours before the auditions meanwhile we can notice some of the contestants of today as…

Thunder Storm & Second Chances On The X Factor Episode 4

The episode 4 is dedicated to Greensboro auditions and watching the promo I think that’ll make the fur fly!!!

Britney’s hotel…

She’s finishing to put makeup and lipstick in her hotel…

LA’s Birthday Surprise, Please Don’t Say Adele & More On The X Factor Episode 3

Finally I had a bit of time to watch the two episodes of last week and I have to say that also this time didn’t miss to laugh, to cry, to moving and to be…

Contestant Disses Demi Lovato On X-Factor! (VIDEO)

Simon Cowell may have teased Demi Lovato on camera, but a contestant on X-Factor is just downright mean! Competition shows are infamous for having wacky performers, and DeAngelo on X-Factor seems to fit in…

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