So as you know we got blasted by the superstorm Sandy. It came in like a giant and messed really bad with our Atlantic coast even flooding some of the subway system in NYC I’m not sure if that ever happened before but the tip of Manhattan was under water !! We lost our power at around 8pm Monday the 29th. It didn’t return until Wednesday the 7th of November so we were out for 8 days I thought it was 7 but I added wrong. Maybe I should say it was 7 1/2 days !!! LOL

Let’s start with a photo of the TWINS in the Spooky Woods on Halloween !!!

A few days before the storm I went out looking for a crank up [ I never used the crank part though just used batteries ] radio something I should have bought many storms before but never did. Well I finally found one after going to 3 stores and I came out and found this licence plate in the parking lot !!!

Thank that radio for getting me though so many days with no means of communication with the outside world. WBAB and WCBS kept me updated. And listening to CD’s on my Sony Walkman kept me INSANE as always. Thanks to AFI, MCR,Apocalyptica, Pink Floyd, Gotye and Bruno Mars for making my life a bit crazier 😀

So here we are time to show some of the damage here OH and this is nothing compared to what is left of our beautiful Long Island. My neighbor across the street lost their huge white pine. That remaining piece is now gone also it came down in the second storm we had a few days ago that was a nor’easter with 4 to 6 inches of snow and heavy winds. A nor’easter is called that because it hits the Northeasten part of the U.S. they can cause such destruction of our beaches on the Atlantic side of Long Island : (

My friend a few house down had a tree in the backyard come down on their house 🙁

And my neighbor across from them had their tree come down on it crashing though the roof where her sons bedroom is. Luckily he wasn’t in there at the time 🙂

Now this is where are problems came from on one block over from us. One of the houses had a big part of their tree fall down and snap all the wires this is a house 2 houses away and it’s part of one pole with a street light still attached 🙁

Now to the house who caused my whole neighborhood power to go out !! Here is the transformer on the ground not where it is supposed to be 🙁

Here’s what it looked like going down the block before the damage was fixed 7 days later 🙁

And half of the pole at the end of his property up in the tree !!!

A twisted tree on the other side of the street after the last house 🙁

Now the first day I went out to the supermarket that’s where I called Lory but she was napping at the time so I left her a voicemail saying we were okay : )

The store had only got their power back that day which was Thursday 4 days after the storm. They had thrown out any perishable foods so very few things to buy except canned and highly processed food 🙁

Well at least someone had a sense of humor 😀

As I was driving back up my block this house is 5 houses away from me and they had a lot of trees come down. They have a beautiful natural pond and stream going though their 2 acres of property. They have their house for sale now that their kids are grown up and gone on with their own lives. We call it downsizing here : )

Now this is something very sad I heard on Monday before our power went off. My son called me with terrible news the H.M.S. Bounty sunk off the coast of Virgina or North Carolina. The Bounty was a ship that was built in 1962 for the movie Mutiny on the Bounty starring Marlon Brando it was also in some of the Pirate’s of the Caribbean movies. You might wonder why this is very sad for me well the guy who owns the ship lived up the block from me. His parents still live there and my sons girlfriend lived next door to them and she’s very good friends with the whole family. His brother called her with the news right after it happened. Robert Hansen has owed the ship since 2001 and has millions of dollars invested in it. But the worst part is not the loss of the ship but the death of one of the female crew members and the Captain of the ship who was never found. Here are a few photos of the crew and the ship when it was in Scotland. It’s homebase was here on Long Island 🙁

God Bless the people lost and this beautiful ship they will all be missed 🙁

Well we did have some squirrely adventures here in the last 11 days so that is a happier story. First a squirrely war photo 2 were in there and all stayed a bit peaceful until a 3rd one tried to get in sadly I didn’t get that shot !!

I caught this squirrely getting a long drink !!

And this is one of my friendly squirrely’s looking at me from on top of my roof, I have a better shot for the next post she almost jumped on my head 😀

Now for a couple of leaf photos, our trees still have most of their leaves and some are still green !! And our Japanese Maple never turned it’s bright color and then we had the 4 to 6 inches of snow !!!

Well so that’s my story for the last 11 days I’m sorry it’s quite long. I will be posting Dr.Mojo and Flojo in their Halloween costumes after Squirrely Sunday tomorrow night. They are so excited to show you who they dressed as it has to do with the music world and a duo that could never happen. Thank you to everyone who worried about me and Jake. We made it through it was hard but we are blessed compared to so many other people who had total destruction from Hurricane Sandy 🙁