Question Of The Day: Crazy Fan Shenanigans

A lot of us here are fans of things. Whether it’s music, TV, film, art, etc., I’m pretty sure that some of us here have done things to show our level of dedication in some…

The Best Unseen Mistakes In Movies

So I started this gallery off with my all time favorite movie, Titanic. Since it was such a HUGE hit I decided to make it an ongoing gallery of different unseen movie mistakes, so be sure to scroll all the way through the gallery! This week’s feature is all the unseen mistakes in the movie… More »

Let’s Talk About That One Part Of Fandom: Supernatural

While I am not a total n00b to the world of Supernatural, I am new enough to not remember most of the first season. I remember watching it when it first aired way back…


So as you know we got blasted by the superstorm Sandy. It came in like a giant and messed really bad with our Atlantic coast even flooding…

Get The Look: Endeavour Space Shuttle

If you live in California or KNOW anyone that does then your Instagram and Facebook feeds were rapidly filling up with photos of today’s Endeavour Shuttle tour. People across the city flocked to their nearest rooftop to see an object that once flew across SPACE with our own eyes! We wrote about it on Buzznet,… More »

Get Inked: Traditional Style Tattoos

Hey guys, So in honor of my new bold tattoo I just got on my hand I was looking up other people’s tattoos! I have always loved the ocean and everything nautical! If you don’t know too much about tattoo history, one of the oldest styles of tattoos are “Sailor Jerry” or “Traditional”, my favorite… More »

If I Could Talk…

My mom’s friend just sent me a really touching email with a text she found on a Costa Crociere forum, it’s a sort of poetry or a sort of thought, Costa Concordia would like to say if only it could talk… “I’m here, laid in the cold. The water of the sea, my inseparable fried,… More »

The Tragedy Of Costa Concordia’s Sinking

I know this is a really different post to all my usual ones, but I feel the need to write it because first I’m Italian, second I always loved…

Ready For Holidays!

Hi Buzznet,

those last days have been really really chaotic, mainly for two reasons: the first because I did my last two exams, and until September I have no intention to listen about exams… I’m so…

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