Who’s The Favorite Act Of America? – The X Factor Fourth Live Show Recap [Episode 15]

November 8, 2012

Tonight, for the first time ever, we will discover who’s the favorite act of America and one contestant will have to leave the competition.

But before to start the show, Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez introduces One Direction performance and the audience just screams so bad for the five UK boys…

But there’s someone really special also in the audience, it’s Lea Michele! It’s a pleasure to see her as part of the crowd in this competition, she’s such an incredible voice!

A little recap video of the previous night shows what’s happened on and off stage, with contestants thoughts after their performance and they were reached also by the mentors.

Now, in a no particular order, our hosts reveal the top 11 which go through the next live show, the last two have to sing for the survival and the judges will send home one.

And so we have: Arin, Paige, Diamond, Vino, Jennel, Emblem3, Carly Rose, Tate, Beatrice, Lyric 145 and Fifth Harmony pass the public votes and Jason and Cece going at the survival.

So it’s time to see the final battle between Cece and Jason.

The girl performs on Cher’s “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me,” for the chance to advance to next week… I have to say that when Demi decided to change her, Cece is changed too!

Personally I never liked her but her singing was good during auditions (except for the first wrong song choice, luckily changed with Ain’t No Other Man by Christina Aguilera)… now she seems she rests on one’s laurels and this is bad, she isn’t arrived anywhere, she’s still in a competition and she has to work for to arrive somewhere…

Jason, instead, performs on Bonnie Tyler’s, “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”

But judges seem disagree to who to send home… in fact, Britney and LA wants Cece back home, while Demi and Simon wants Jason.

It’s a deadlock, so we need to know who of them reached the highest votes for to continue the path.

Jason needs America’s vote more than ever but unfortunately it was the end of the road. His parting words: “I want to say, I did it for the Gays and Japan.” and LA greets him saying: “Every time you sing, you sing with the heart!”

I’m so so sorry for Jason, he really touched me with this performance

But there’s a little video that shows what Mr. Entertainment did since the first audition, it’s really really sweet!

But now, for the first time ever we’re going to discover which is the favorite act of America for this week…

This is the chart:

1. Tate

2. Carly Rose

3. Vino

4. Diamond

5. Fifth Harmony

6. Emblem3

7. Jennel

8. Paige

9. Lyric 145

10. Beatrice

11. Arin

12. Cece

Demi thought Paige reached a highest position and the same thinks Simon for Emblem3, he wanted the first place (pretty ambitious and modest, Simon!!!! HAHAHA)

LA: “I feel great to have two on the Top 3” talking about Vino and Tate and also Britney seems proud: “She always amazes me [to Carly Rose], I’m glad to have two in top 4”

Tate is really moved to be at first place, and beside to thank his family, he thanks also the show for this opportunity… how cute!

The X Factor USA – Episode 15 – S2 [11.08.2012] di BBCTheVoiceuk1

What do you think about Jason’s elimination?

Are you agree with US public votes? Who is the act to deserve the first place?