Real Or Rumor: Did Demi Lovato Get Engaged?

Demi Lovato seems to be having the time of her life right now. The 20-year-old entertainer went through some very public highs and lows last year, but with her new gig as a judge on The X Factor, a hit song in rotation on the radio and casually dating One Direction heartthrob Niall Horan, Demi’s got it made! Demi recently wow-ed the crowd singing the National Anthem at the World Series on Sunday, October 28th, but what really caught peoples’ eye was a seemingly new shiny bling on her ring finger!

The diamond Demi was caught rocking at the Series had rumors running wild, with fans speculating that she is now engaged. Fans have been tweeting the speculation, with some thinking she’s engaged to on-again, off-again romance Wilmer Valderrama, while others think it’s Niall, whom she admitted to “loosely dating.”

Could it be?! For those hoping for a newly-engaged Demi, you’ll have to wait a while longer: Demi’s rep has debunked the rumor, stating that it is simply “not true.”

If Demi really was engaged, would you want it to be with Wilmer, Niall or someone new?