Justin Bieber’s New Tattoo Is A Major Hoot!

This year alone Justin Bieber has gotten a number of tattoos inked on his body – it’s UN-BELIEB-ABLE! From the sizable face of Jesus on his calf in January to the Japanese symbol for music on his arm earlier this summer, the 18-year-old pop sensation has spent quite some time under the needle. And Justin isn’t stopping there: he recently got his eighth tattoo… of an owl!

On Sunday, October 28th, the Biebs showed off his new ink on Instagram with a photo, along with the caption, “Befo the paps get me”, which went out to his 3.6 million followers.

Wonder what girlfriend Selena Gomez thinks of the new tattoo!

What do you think of the Biebs’ new ink: do you love it or loathe it?