Jazmin Whitley’s Childhood Favorites‏

Here are a few fun questions I answered for Buzznet on my childhood favorites!

When you were a kid did you prefer Barney or Sesame Street?

I watched both! I liked Sesame Street better but when my baby brother was born we started watchig Barney.

Who was your favorite Power Ranger?

The PINK ranger, for obvious reasons.

What were three of your favorite foods growing up?

Mac n Cheese, eggs and cheese, and green beans

Did you choose video games or sports as a hobby?

I was never a ‘sporty’ kid. I liked playing Mario Brothers but I was more of an arts and crafts type. I always had my coloring book and huge bag of markers and crayons.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was really young I wanted to design perfume bottles because they looked so pretty to me. Then when I got a little older, around 8 years old I wanted to design shoes and belts, then a little later I knew it was FASHION

When I was little always wanted to look ‘put together’I had to have a hat on, or a purse with me. I just wanted to make a statement! haha

Me being a diva in the backyard

Me & Mom (: